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Far East travel, Japan and Vietnam

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  • Far East travel, Japan and Vietnam

    Anyone been to these countries, how hard is it for a semi gimp like me? I'm interested in visiting Kyoto and Nara in Japan, and Hue and Hanoi in Vietnam, Halong Bay and maybe some scuba.

    Why those places? Some folks are museum freaks, some are cathedral fans, I'm a castle and Palace nut. I want to visit the Heian Jingu and Goshon (old Imperial Palace) in Kyoto and the imperial Citadels in Hanoi and Hue. Hue's is in the processof having the Imperial Enclusure that was destroyed during the Tet Offensive rebuilt, and they just in the last two years discovered 1000 year old remains of Le dynasty Palaces in the Hanoi Citadel.



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    How do you do it?

    Well, I flew to China three times. Japan is right across the Yellow Sea from Qingdao, China.

    [The rest is from a previous post of a member flying to Poland]

    So how do you do it?

    Piece of cake!

    A lot of pre-planning.

    First, do you have a passport and visa? Know your passport number. You will be asked it many times.

    Yes, you can sit on your air cushion for the long flight and do sit on it! Good rule of thumb, “First on, last off.” The airlines will come and get you to load you on first. Use the restroom before you get loaded on board. You will have to transfer into an aisle chair to be seated on the airliner. See attached picture.

    What are going to do for a shower chair for the time you are there? Do you have a place to shower? I traveled to China three times in the last three years and stayed the maximum I was allowed on my visa. The one-way flight from Cleveland, Ohio to Qingdao, China is about 40 hours; Cleveland, Ohio to Newark, New Jersey, connecting flight, Newark, New Jersey to Beijing, China, another connecting flight, Beijing, China to Qingdao, China.) So I shipped a shower chair about three weeks before I left the first time. This can come with you as a check in luggage and label as MEDICAL EQUIPMENT.” The unit I stayed in had a large shower room, approximately 8’ x 10’.

    What supplies would you take with you for 30 days? Pack supplies, meds and tools in your backpack and clothes in your duffle bag or luggage.

    Are you going to pack some tools for your ‘chair just incase you might have a problem? Extra tire and tube? Careful with a screwdriver! It may not pass security. The same with all metal objects you carry with you.

    What meds would you take with you?

    Do you know the liquid requirement while traveling? Anything you can fit into a 6” x 6” zip-lock bag. Liquid medical supplies do not fall under this ruling. Don’t bring along a bottle of rubbing alcohol! It will be confiscated! Airlines classifies that as a flammable liquid.

    The flight is 10 hours 30 minutes long from the USA to Poland. How are you going to empty your leg bag during the flight? Is the restroom in the Boeing 777 accessible? Hmm? But your ‘chair is in the cargo area? How do you get there? Or what do you do? I brought along a 60 ounce Tide detergent bottle with the funnel spout removed and labels left on and used it as a urinal during the flight. Other passengers don’t have a clue what a Tide bottle is doing on board! Bring along some latex or nitrate gloves. When the bottle is full quietly ask the stewardess to empty it and wash out for you. Believe they will do it for you. They want you to come back and fly again with them. I flew Continental all three flights to China and they took very good care of me during the 13 hour and 40 minute flight. If the passenger next to you gives you a funny look emptying your leg bag? Just say, “Recycled pop!”

    Ok, you are 8 hours into the flight in the Arctic Circle region and you begin to have AD. What are you going to do? Can’t land!

    You develop a pressure sore? What are you going to do? Bring along some band-aids and antibiotic cream just incase. Wear comfortable shoes.

    What are you going to do to prevent a bowel accident during flight? (Flight attendants won’t help with that!) I go on a liquid diet two days before my flight to make sure I am empty. I have a light meal the morning of the flight. I do the same when I fly back home to the USA.

    Do you know the currency in Poland? Telephone your credit card company and tell them when you are leaving and coming back so they do stop any charges that you make over there.

    You know the telephone numbers to the U.S. Embassy there just in case something happens? Do you know who you need to call there? Will your cell phone work in Poland? Do you know what numbers to push to call home? You loose your cell phone with all the stored numbers in it. Do you have them written down somewhere? Do you have the telephone numbers to the airlines if you need to rebook? Make a list of all the information in your wallet including credit card numbers and their telephone numbers; international telephone numbers. Put this list on the bottom of your luggage.

    Where along the flight route do you loose your US Constitutional rights as a US citizen?

    Once you are out of the airport in Poland is transportation accessible? Does Poland have like what we have here, ADA? Are motor vehicle accessible? Are you allowed to drive there? Can you rent a car or adaptive van at the airport? Can you drive once you are there? What are you going to drive? Hand controls?

    Boil all the water you drink there.

    To stay comfortable? Mmm? Being in Poland is never a dull moment but if there is a certain product you like pack it along. Pack something to eat like raisins to keep your energy level up and not hungry.

    Bring along your medicines and a box of imodium just in case?

    Another thing to be warned about is have luggage with locks on it. Not in Poland but in the USA, sorry to say. The cost of those little locks outweigh the cost of stolen personal items. The airline industry doesn't cover lost or stolen items. Put locks on the pull-loops on your backpack too. Keep a spare key in your wallet!

    Read the fine print on your tickets!

    Wear a heavy warm jacket during the long flight with a hood. Many times the cabin is very cold. You are at an altitude of 38,000 feet with temperatures outside at -80 degrees. You will probably fly up over the North Pole and down it into Russia, and then into Poland.

    What ever comes your way? Deal with it then and there. Don’t worry. Be open minded about matters and always expect a delay or cancellation or ask to be upgraded? Dosen’t hurt to ask?

    Have fun!

    You never know who you will run into!

    Enjoy your stay while you are there!

    "We must overcome difficulties rather than being overcome by difficulties."