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  • Scuba anyone?

    in addition to everything else I'm a certified scuba diver. My certification include full cave, tri-mix, service tech and gas blender.

    I'd love to have some new recreational dive buds or, if you are curious, help you with practice for your certification. if you are in OK or the states surrounding, let me know.

    Here I am, just after a half mile penetration dive at the The Offsetts in Eastern Missouri

    water was 45 degrees, hence the heavy protection gear. BRRRRRRRR!!!!


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    C4 complete quad here. I'm NAUI certified to date my preinjury diving. I have a couple of good buddies in Nova Scotia who owned a dive shop and were dive masters. After my accident we were determined to get back diving again and we did. Two dive masters per quad is the safest.

    That's where I see a need now that I'm on the west coast. Experienced divers willing to do buddy dives with paralyzed divers.


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      I'm a PADI Instructor with Nitrox and Medic-First Aid Instructor Certs. I'm interested in getting back into Instruction but I may try to make a move to Belize first


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        NAUI certified here as well, got it 5yrs pre-injury.


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          Been diving most of my life. I continued to dive the lake where I live (Beaver Lake near Rogers, Ar) after my accident until I could'nt care for my boat anymore and had to sell it. I'm just open water certified, NASDS. Should get that converted to PADI but just haven't gotten to it..


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            I don't do no steenking caves. Props to those who love 'em. I like tropical waters.

            Report of post-sci re-certification trip


            Report of 1st dive trip post sci, Cozumel


            Went to Isla Mujeres a few months ago but my buddy was feeling puny, hence no diving.

            Hey cavemuscle, check your pm's.
            Does This Wheelchair Make My Ass Look Fat?


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              i got naui cert'd in '03 right b4 my rollover accident.
              i've been surfin, waterskiin, jetskiin, etc since I got hurt and would love to do scuba again...i'm a c7-t1 but super incomplete


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                Open to any and all chats re scuba or freediving. My gear need servicing so maybe fall before I'm able to meet up.