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  • ok some help pleasee

    i'm gettin ready to get my license and righ now i drive a 96 ford e150 with all the hand controls and lift and stuff. i plan on selling that anytime now so i can get me a smaller car im looking at chevy malibu maxx right now but i was wondering if anyone has any other ideas to as if getting rid of my van and getting a smaller car is a good idea>? and plese give me some other car ideas

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    Getting a different vehicle should be a personal choice. A few things to keep in mind would be: something that is easy to transfer in/out of (big doors), being able to get your chair in/out of by yourself, comfortable sitting and driving. I prefer the older 2-door models because of size, comfort and metal protection around you. Good luck!


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      Since you drive a van now, before considering a smaller vehicle, be sure you will be able to break down the chair and get it in the car. It is much easier in some cars than others. Have you practiced breaking your chair down and putting it in the car yet? Give it a try w/ a friends car if not. That will give you some idea of what you will need ..... you can see what works, and what doesn;t.

      Also consider where the chair will go when you have company. My husband has a ford Focus, and my chair won't fit in his trunk, along with whatever stuff he has in there. If we take his car, the wheels have to go in the back seat.

      I have a Taurus wagon, as I like the fact that my kids can just throw the chair in the back w.o breaking it down when they are with me. But probably not the coolest car for you.

      The saturn ion, but not this years model, 2007 I think, had "suicide doors" and made it easy to put the chair in. You don't have to drag the frame over your body .... something to consider in crappy weather! The Mazda 6, a sort of low mini van.suv also allows you to put the chair behind you.

      Also to consider is do you need a level transfer? I do, and that ruled out any pickups or suv;s unless I wanted to have to modify them.

      Before I bought my car, I made sure I could get in and out easily, and that I could get my chair in and out with out much trouble.

      Oh, and electric seat adjustments are a great help. With manual ones, you really need your legs to make it work. Consider leather seats too, as cloth ones make the transfer harder. A 2-door has a bigger opening. I went w/ a 4 door, cuz I have kids, and it is easier for them, but if not, I would have gone w. a 2 door.

      ps .... just googled the mailbu maxx, looks like it is a midsize w. a hatch back? It sounds like it might work very well. The big q is probably how wide the front door opens.

      also ..... there are quite a few threads about cars, use the search and see what you can find. I know if you search for the 2 car names I mentioned, some will pop up.
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