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Ok, I bought me a guitar

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    Paramoto, I finally got most of it in before I got disconnected. It was great!!!!!!!! any kind of hard rock is great in my book! Zepplin really there were only a few I liked from them, I loved Foghat! just to many to list and then ther's Chickenfoot! I so love to get to see them live!!!! Man Sammy just rocks in my book! but I got to say probably Skynrd and Kiss are my fav's

    I am going to try to do this to keep from sleeping so much if I got to get off my feet hopefully i will play! I just still need to find a chord book that show's how to lay your fingers on the fret board, I saw one yesterday that gave a few shortcut's but I need one with all the tricks to help me1 cause heaven knows I need it!


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      Originally posted by jody View Post
      sore fingers is good duge.

      There sure enough getting there Jody!


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        Originally posted by IMC67 View Post
        Hey Duge that's awsome, and very inspiring. When I first injured I kinda went thru my bucket list. The guitar was on it. Been kickin' around the idea ever since. My brother-in-law plays, said he'd give me lessons. With an ol' fart like you picking it up at 50 now I just have to being a young verile soon to be 48.
        Rock On!
        (Hey can I be a roadie? Man those ladies dancin' in Paramoto's video were SMOKIN' HOT )

        Go for it man!!! Oh yeah those ladies were hot! If I ever got good enough to play anywhere and had that I'd for sure would be getting divorced


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          what kind o ax did you get? electric or acoustic?
          I got a surprise lesson from this rastafarian drummer last nite at open mike. I had such a hard time keeping the bottom, that he recruited two other bassists who were acting like they would be better, only to find that I had a decent hold on it, and something new to broaden my book. in the end, I think I found a new teacher. I hope so. as far as fingers go, not all mine want to work on my fret hand, and not being able to feel the finger board has been the most challenging, and I almost just quit trying. a few famouse musicians are missing fingers. Tommy iommi is missing three finger tips, and because of it created a style with detuning to recuce the string tension in order to save his stumps from damage. Gerry Garcia lost a finger to a wood chopping misshap, jimmy page lost the use of his fingers and almost gave up playing. I met phill keggy. he is missing fingers also. Django rhinhardt lost the use of on hand in a caravan fire. developed a unique style because of it. christian singer Randy Stonehill has a prosthetic hand. my one and only student is missing a finger on his pick/strum hand. we are using padded picks witch are kind of sticky.
          for those who want to try playing an instrument and have probs with dexterity, try dulcimer, or autoharp. or even herdygurdy. and duge how about hand drums? congas, and shakers, and an assortment native drums from around the world?
          all developed interesting ways of making their sound happen.


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            Jody, I bought a Electric. It's a Ibaneze or however you pronounce it Les paul style and a Peavy 30 watt Vyper amp. It's got alot more than I need but will be there "IF" i ever would get good enough to need it. those peolpe who lost parts of their fingers are a inspiration!!! and so are you!!!!!! DON'T QUIT for gosh sakes!
            The had drumm's I...... I rally like the big set. I use to have a nice set of Pearl drum's and Zildjan cymbals of course!! I loved it!! I have tried my son's but my feet just won't play the bass drum's anymore so......kinda hard playing them without the bass.
            But I have always wanted to play a guitar and I got the time now if I can just get my fingers to work on the frets for me, I don't have any problems with my upper half so there should NOT be any reason for me not being able to do it unless I am just plain old to damm dumb to learn it!!!!!!


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              Duge, it looks like you have good movement below your injury. Great for you.

              You may want to try a website called This web site has pretty much all the songs you like and then some, and shows you the chord position and where the chord comes in. It is like chord-pro but a little better. Pick easy songs. Of the bands that you like, probably Sweet Home Alabama would be the easiest if you stick to just the rhythm part, without the fills, three chords. Its not that difficult to sing either. A lot of people start out with stuff like CCR or some simple blues riffs. The Smoke on the water intro is as easy as it gets too, just to keep it fun and easy. Another easy one is Wish you were here, maybe start by skipping the intro.

              You have had some good suggestions here too. The power chord suggestion was a good one. You can cheat your way into a million songs with power chords.

              Good luck! There are a lot of free video and web resources available, no need to spend money these days. If I can help, I´d be glad to.
              T6 complete (or so I think), SCI since September 21, 2003