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West coast bound.

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  • West coast bound.

    I'll be in the Vancouver area from June 20th to July 3rd. Sorry I won't be going up to Salmon Arm this time Karl. But anyone else in the area that's up for a visit, we should get together.

    PS. I'm loving this 'one-person one-fare' thing! It's like flying at half-price!

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    I so just got my hopes up.

    An administrator made me remove my signature.


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      Sorry hon. One day


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        Dude! Do mid July! Do mid July!

        Fck! Everbodies headin to the coast and im just missin everybody!

        Emi-just missed
        Chris-just missed

        Hopin to see
        Dave-On the way or on the way back
        Carl-wont miss this time
        OJ- Tofino's good with me
        Kiran-Hope so
        Van Quad-Hope so
        Monkeygirl-Hope so
        Ashley-Hope so

        Who am i missing?
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          Great timing! June 27 & 28 is the start of the Jazz Festival. Much more low-key and local than the Montréal Festival. That weekend they shut down the street through Gastown to traffic with a stage at either end. Seeing Gastown from the middle of the street is the best. Not advisable on any other weekend.

          We could meet at the upper deck of the Jericho Sailing Centre. Great menu, great view, and the summer bookings for Disabled Sailing Vancouver still has openings.


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            Ohhh, last year CK and I went to the jazz fair in Montreal! I swear if I wasn't so damn dependent, I would do a cross-Canada road trip. Have fun Chris!!


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              So I'm leaving tomorrow, I'll be at Crescent Beach until Thursday. I won't be getting into town much but I might try taking the bus. Yippee!


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                Bon voyage!


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                  I just flew in from Vancouver and man, my arms are tired!

                  What a crazy 2 weeks! Sorry I missed you Kiran but maybe next time. I might be out next year for our 20th high school reunion. Here's some pics I posted on Facebook.



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                    Sorry to have missed you. Great photographs.