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Isla Mujeres, Mexico-Feb 09 trip report!

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    Thanks for the exhaustive report. It's helpful to all of us. So, I must ask.....did you get "the shits" at all,lol? When I was there in 1976-1977 I wasn't in a wheelchair but man we were burdened with Montezuma's Revenge quite frequently.


      No shits at all, for either of us! I am careful about water when I travel though. I ate at 1 place where the fish seemed a bit suspicious, so I didn't eat it.

      They say the water's ok in Coz. I don't drink it. They say it's iffy in Isla, so you can BET I didn't drink it!

      How different does Isla look, Smokey?
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        Brilliant travel-log Beth, both narrative and pictures, I'll be hammering bells out of Google later as I'm ashamed to say I know rack all about that part of the Caribbean and you've whetted my geographical appetite.

        One thing does puzzle me - how did you get hold of my Summer fishing hat?


          Did you get your fishing hat at the bluegrass festival in Winfield, KS? Because I did! It was marketed as an authentic Australian bush hat. Dogger scoffed at that claim. I love the fact that you can stuff those hats anywhere, suitcase, bag, whatever, and they always come back to shape. Try doing that with a sexy sophisticated woven straw beach chapeau! The mesh keeps your head cool, it really does keep rain from running down the back of your neck, the string keeps it from blowing off in boats or gales. And every fisherperson knows the point is to keep the sun out of your eyes!

          I've had that hat for 7 years now, and plan to have it forever.

          Timaru, you know I love Europe, particularly England. But this Mexican Riviera is heaven. The 2nd largest barrier reef in the world runs from North of Cozumel past Belize, to south of Honduras, as I understand it. Diver's paradise. It's a bit ragged compared to 10 years ago, the hurricanes have
          taken a terrible toll on the reef and the inhabited areas. Most of the mainland there on the Yucatan peninsula is just jungles. When you fly over it, you see no roads, just the occasional cenote.

          The people look as Mayan as they did in conquistador days. Down in Belize and Honduras, there is much more ethnic variation. On the Yucatan, they are Mayans forever, I think. I assume outside marriage is frowned upon, because that is the most ethnically pure area I've ever seen. Those of Spanish heritage look like Spaniards. Everybody else looks Mayan.
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            "How different does Isla look, Smokey?"

            Gee Bethany it was such a long time ago it's impossible to make a comparison now. I do remember though the hotels in Cancun hadn't been built yet and we were wondering why the roads were so nicely paved around there. We learned a few years later that "Cancun" had been built as a destination resort. I tell you there was really nothing there in 1977. The white sand beaches and water color really were beautiful then and still appears to be now.


              We were in Ocho Rios in Jamaica, 'course we're talking '92, but it and another tiny city near it that we went to seemed very safe at the time. They were like another time zone from the resort though, I remember the wiring the vividest, I took pics it blew me away so much. People must have risked life and limb to tie into wires, 'cause there were just big open knots where they tied in, and it just spider webbed away from there.

              I meant to do a Costa report, but my summer was so shitty I never did. I'll do one next week, we leave tomorrow for Austin. bleh, gonna be 40 degrees and 80% chance of rain...
              "a T10, who'd Rather be ridin'; than rollin'"


                Gorgeous pics of you and Jilly, B.


                  good for you, Bethany! we all deserve a break from out SCI routines. i love mexico, and the mexican people {and the food!!}. very caring, loving, generous people. Steve.
                  Steve Garro.


                    Hello Bethany,
                    I just read and viewed this thread. GREAT travelogue and generous of you to share that. Awesome !


                      Beth, I've just lost three hours of my life exploring the Mexican Riviera!

                      The new Google Earth is fantastic, not only the satellite pictures but photos people have uploaded themselves, plenty of the Avalon Reef Club and even good underwater shots.

                      By the way, if you ever lose your hat

                      I got mine at the CLA Game Fair at Broadlands years ago and in the Summer where I go it goes to!


                        Great pics!And you said they were less than flattering,yea right!You're way more prettier than you give yourself credit for!

                        I'm glad you two had fun.I absolutely love Mexico too.


                          Looking at Google Earth makes me want to go to Cuba! I wonder how their coral reefs have handled the hurricanes? I've always heard Cuba is the best, most unspoiled diving in this hemisphere. They say Cubans are fun, too.

                          Dumb trade embargo.

                          Have any Americans here been to Cuba?

                          Dumb Google earth. Showing me that is like showing a junkie a big pile of heroin. I just want to dive into traveling, and worry about the consequences later!

                          McDuff, these past few years I've heard more and more bad things about Jamaica. Of course everyplace is more dangerous when the economy sucks. If you are one of the Haves, it is best to not rub it into tthe faces of the Have Nots.

                          Also, some travelers are just so obnoxious. I was in a bar, the menu offered White Russians (ruso blanco) When I ordered it, it was good, but not a White Russian. I think it was Kahlua, vodka and pina colada mix LOL. No biggie. But some drunk American lady saw me order it, then she wanted one. She was YELLING at the barmaid "Vodka! Kahlua! And MILK!" The barmaid didn't know milk, so that lady keeps yelling it louder. I'm behind her saying "Lady! It's LECHE!!"

                          I don't know why people think yelling will convey a foreign language. If somebody yells real loud at me in Chinese, I'm still not a-getting it!
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                            Of course everyplace is more dangerous quote] i often find that as long as you avoid obvious bad places then you are OK........."poor" people have always been nicer then rich ones where ever i have went {like your "MILK!" lady} besides, messing with cripples is not cool, anywhere. not that i'm suggesting we all gallop off to algeria or sudan {or east DC, for that matter} i've ridden across new zealand, trekked peru, ridden through chile, bolivia, argentina and mexico {four times!} and throughout the USA and the only issue i ever had was in southern AZ having a guy in a truck through a bottle at me.........treat people as you wanna be treated, don't be flashy, don't do sketchy things, stay healthy, and it's usually all good. Steve.
                            Steve Garro.


                              Originally posted by betheny View Post
                              McDuff, these past few years I've heard more and more bad things about Jamaica. Of course everyplace is more dangerous when the economy sucks. !
                              Beth I just came back from the Sandals in Jamaica this past October, and it was very poor but I heard that before I went. We pretty much stayed on the resort, but had no trouble.The people are crazy for money wanting a tip for this or that, but getting to the resort was pretty hard to look at. It makes you realize just how good we have it.
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                                steve garro-We sure experienced the kindness of the working-class poor people in Paris. Due to the price of the trip-$492 for airfare, breakfast, week's lodging-we were in "the hood", in a way. Just 2 blocks from a Metro station, which was our main concern. On a real backstreet, in a basement room, in the 13th Arondissement. We were 2 ladies out on the town, subwaying everywhere for the most part, trying to see and experience as much as possible, and we aren't the flashy type. Parisians are renowned for being rude to Americans, and for being really protective of their language. (Mexicans are never that way!) Parisians have earned that reputation.

                                Our concierge at our hotel was a dick to us, from day 1, because I said Monsieur wrong. Everyone else in the hood was really kind and helpful-we were constantly lost in that city! But the ritzier the neighborhood we visited, the ruder they became. The upscale restaurants were intolerable. We actually left one. Also, simple French food is so good, among the best in the world in my experience. But when you go to the upscale restaurants, it's all hog snout for $30. No thanks! Veggie crepes for me, from somebody that bothers to be sociable and not look down their noses at me!

                                You just KNOW people in the touristy areas of Paris and Versailles speak some English. But they just let us struggle in French, and chastised us for our pronunciation. It got to the point that, after a day of tourist-ing, we couldn't wait to get back to our neighborhood.

                                I've never experienced that anyplace else I've been. Italians were awesome, in every neighborhood. Even the kids that tried to pickpocket me in Florence could be reasoned with. (Well, threatened with a crutch, LOL. But then they left me alone and went to torment somebody else.) Italians and all Spanish-speaking countries are always teaching me words.

                                But not the upper-class French! A kid in a neighborhood Rasta bar finally taught me to say Monsieur and a few other things, while he helped us drink our Pernod.

                                rcechser-There is a time and a place for resorts like Sandals. I wouldn't turn down a trip there! But it bothers me to go places that way. I did in have to, if you want to dive those walls of black coral, and I wanted to badly. I'd had friends go a few months before. They went to town, got shot at, got in a car wreck, one wound up badly injured in a filthy Honduran hospital. We DID go to town, but we made it a point to be back at the resort by dark.

                                It's so sad, the poverty in those beautiful places. It sure made me appreciate the hospitality and safety of Isla, especially with all the troubles in Mexico lately!

                                McDuff-Take heart. You know as well as I do-A bad day is Austin beats a good days in Ok City, 98.5% of the time! Are going out on 6th St?
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