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NJ Transit train station in Hoboken is accessible...but only until midnight???

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    NJ Transit train station in Hoboken is accessible...but only until midnight???

    I took the train to Hoboken last night which is the last stop. Instead of raised platforms they have a contraption where a guy has to crank it up to train level, and lower me down. The guy was really nice, but he goes "I'll only be here until midnight, I'm taking the 12:05 train home and I don't know if anyone else that'll be here can work this".

    He said maybe there would be, and gave me a phone number to call later. We figured we wouldn't chance it so we came back at midnight and he got me on the 12:05 train no problem.

    But why would they not have someone there? It's a simple lift to operate. I was pissed. I should call NJ Transit right? Maybe United Spinal?
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    Now darren, you know all good little crips should be home before midnight!!!

    Seriously, the ADA requires the same access for those with disabilities as those who are AB. I would recommend contacting both USA and NJ Transit about this.

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      But Kld, Jeff says how could that be? Remember he said there couldn't be any schools in NJ without handicapped bathrooms and everyone was against me?

      Have we finally come to a new understanding?