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Accessible lodging near Yosemite

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  • Accessible lodging near Yosemite

    We are going to Yosemite this spring with friends. They are camping, but I am kind of wussing out on that, as I haven;t been camping in a long time. Anyone have experience with accessible lodging in that area?

    (I am willing to listen to suggestions about camping as well ....)
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    I have been to Yosemite National Park when I was ablebodied - it is beautiful. Recently on the net I happened to come across this accessible cottage at the following holiday resort:

    It looks nice. Might be worth giving them a call.

    I just took another look at the site and don't see the wheelchair cottage advertised but am positive there was one, so do call to see.
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      I too like carbar went to Yosemite when I was AB. I just happened to be wearing my sweatshirt from there. I would check with the National Park office about their tent cottages in the valley by the main ranger station. I also think that a lot of the paths like to El Caption are paved. It has been a few years so I could be wrong on that.


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        Like the 2 previous posters, I was at Yosemite when I was AB. It was 1972, I was 19 and we hitchhiked cross country and spent 14 days there camping. We also spent maybe 10 of the days under the influence of beer, weed and some great acid..."Orange Sunshine". Man it was great. We actually dropped acid one afternoon, got buzzed and had the brilliant idea to hike up to Half Dome. We had to hang onto cables near the top and in the dark. It was so late when we got up there so naturally we slept on top. In the morning I crawled to the edge to look over....what a rush! Busses in the valley ran on natural gas. Sorry I don't have any accessible pointers....but my short time at Yosemite was a magical experience.


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          i go every year to yosemite but i take my trailer. try the housekeeping camp. i havn't stayed in them since i got hurt, but they were great.