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Ventilator-dependent quad surfing - video

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    Ventilator-dependent quad surfing - video


    KELLY McCANN: I don't really think there is nothing I can't do, really. I do surfing, what can't I do, you know.

    JONATHAN HARLEY: None more extraordinary than Kelly McCann. Ever since she was in a terrible car accident when she was just 3-years-old, Kelly McCann's had no movement in her arms or legs, and can't even breathe properly without a ventilator.

    KELLY McCANN: People see the chair before they see you and they just think, "Oh my God! The poor person. She won't be able to do much." I don't think of myself as disabled. I usually forget because I do everything I want to do and need to do to keep me happy...keep my mind off it.

    MARISA SMITH: My biggest fear as a nurse is: can I get air to her? If I can get air to her, I figure, the logistics we can work around.

    JONATHAN HARLEY: The logistics are mind boggling.

    GARY BLASCHKE: She will hold her breath, yes, I will control it...

    JONATHAN HARLEY: While Disabled Surf Association founder Gary Blaschke works out the plan with his team of volunteers...

    GARY BLASCHKE: 1, 2, 3...

    JONATHAN HARLEY: Kelly McCann forgoes her electric ventilator for a hand pumped one. This entire exercise hinges on keeping Kelly's airway dry.

    MARISA SMITH: Surfing, the worst case scenario can be getting water in the trachea.

    MAN 1: Probably the last time about six waves, depending on how she is going, you know.

    GARY BLASCHKE: Depending on how many wipe-outs we get, yes!

    JONATHAN HARLEY: Kelly McCann's never come off the board yet and for all the jokes, there's a serious effort to keep it that way. The air bag is off just for the short time of the ride.

    KELLY McCANN: For me, lying on the board, looking up at the sky, see the sun, just see the clouds, see the water beside you and all these people are confident in you, and... you're confident in them, and being free and when you're gliding along the water, feels like you're flying. Flying or something like that. So..., yes, it's great.


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      thats awesome
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