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Advice Needed: c3/4 incomplete wants to buy and ride a harley

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    Advice Needed: c3/4 incomplete wants to buy and ride a harley

    Hi Again,
    I always come here when I need advice. My husband c3.4 inc is actively looking to buy a harley. At first he just wanted to own it and keep it clean etc in the garage. Now he is talking about actually riding it. He is 5 years post and balance is a challenge. When going over in my mind the mechanics involved in riding a bike, I just can't see how he can possible pull it off. Since it is his dream and he basically has nothing else, I hesitate to discourage him. Does anyone think he might be able to do this?

    Thanks again for your comments.
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    Does any inc high level ride a motorcycle here?

    I am posting a reply to this thread as noone has commented. I did receive a private reply, thanks...

    Does anyone have an opinion here? He has fair balance, moderate spasticity.


      How about a harley with a side car if he has balance issues. If he uses a wheelchair he can also use the sidecar for his chair and a passenger.


        I am incomplete paraplegic from TM at age 11. I started riding motorcycles when I was 15 and rode until I was about 30. Walking and standing I have some balance issues but no problems on a bike.

        My upper body strength helps compensate for issues with my legs.

        My suggestion is to look for a Motorcycle Safety Foundation class near you. You may have to search around some but you should be able to find someone to take the time to work with your husband on trying out some smaller bikes in a controlled circumstance to see how it works.

        To get started, he might want to try one of the MSF dirt bike classes. They may have more variety of bikes and falling in the dirt is a little more forgiving.
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