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I went to the Brickyard 400 Yesterday.

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  • I went to the Brickyard 400 Yesterday.

    I went to the race yesterday and while it was not the best race by any means I had a good time. Here is a link to some pictures I took if anyone wants to see them. (Don't worry, there all SFW)

    It was a beautiful day and we left home about 10:00 and were in the track by 11:30. I get to park in the wheelchair section, so we are faily close to the outside of the main straightaway. The Speed Stage was in the area and we checked it out. My sister and niece went up to the stage and Kenny Wallace gave my niece a Home Depot hard hat and signed it for her. Inside the track, the Start/Finish line is close to my seats. John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox of Scrubs) was the offical starter and we got his autograph when he climbed down from the flagstand.

    I really don't think IMS is to blame. I believe NASCAR and Goodyear are responsible for inadequate tire testing. Hopefully they bring in as many drivers as they can and run full fuel loads during future testing. Turns out Dale Jr. did 12 laps in tire testing this year and called it a day. There were only 3 drivers that did tire testing this year. I do not feel the Speedway owes refunds to anyone. The race did in fact take place. All 400 miles were completed and 43 drivers participated, so it was a race, although a very crappy one. Aside from the F1 tire issue in '05 every other race has been fine, therefore it is not the track.
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    you picked a good race jj won the tire issue did kinda suck though but thats awsome you went i was wondering about the accessibility of that track sounds like its pretty set up for wheelers glad yall had fun
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      Hi Manix

      Thanks for posting your pics from the race last yr. I'm going to the race this weekend and it looks like our tickets are similar. Were yours in the paddock? What section?

      Will you be at the race this year?