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new to pain, desperate for advice

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  • new to pain, desperate for advice

    from the beginning...Monday, all is well. Tuesday morning i get a migraine that gets bad enough my mom called for an ambulance. a couple hours later and i'm home shivering up a storm coming down from the meds they gave. i then notice something that bothers me very much. no matter how i sit or lay i am beyond uncomfortabe. i've gotten worked into tears in just a few moments after findng myself in discomfort, and then my heart is racing and my chest hurts, and i have nothing I can do. i feel like i'm losing my mind right now.

    I've never had problems with pain before, but I'm not even sure calling it pain can even let someone imagine how it feels. After returning from the ER i felt like the next drugged up patient they sent home, until was laying down to goto sleep like every night. A small bump in the sheet is usually no big deal, but when i was laying on it, it hurt a thing I know i have pins and needles down my leg, and my hands that I cant move feel like they're trying explode.

    after a horridly long night of asking my mom (who was kind enough to stay with me through the night) to adjust me here, try and roll me on my stomach...yes really! needless to say i had been getting crankier as time without sleep keeps going up.

    the night was so bad i went back to the ER on Wednesday...they ran more tests and said the same thing they did Tues. UTI!!!! and i never had one anywhere near this bad

    i took one of my grams Ativan and slept for almost an hour before my baby niece's squeals woke me up

    i know people have the pain, and people have the infections, but one from the other? anybody go through this or something similar?

    please let me know if you have advice or the like

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    I'm not the one who really knows anything about this, but could this be AD? That's a biggie for SCI and most ERs don't seem to even know about it.


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      no its not AD, its like i switched bodies, and everything about this one is uncomfortable or downright painful


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        No advice, but hope you are feeling a bit better... I just sent you a PM...



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          do you normally get migrane headaches or is this new for you?what is the extent of your injury?are you hypersensitive to touch now?what did they give you for the head pain?Marcia


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            neurologist. see one.


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              i have had way less migraines since my sci, but the few i have are the worst they've ever been. i normally take maxalt if i have one but i think they gave me demerol in the ER. parts of my leg and foot are hypersensitive now, but the biggest change is this terrible anxiety that comes over me while trying to lay down or relax. my chest gets tight and my heart races. btw i'm c5 quad in a power chair. i usually wear a binder to keep my bp up when i sit in my chair, but now with it on i still feel dizzy, even after reclining to what used to be a comfortable sleeping position. even laying in bed now is painful, if i'm on my back i have to be inclined or my chest feels heavy, and the more i squirm and try to find comfort the worse it all gets until i'm either in tears or fighting them back....and Monday night was great, watched heroes and journeyman did my bowel care, played some world of warcraft, went to i'm fighting to stay calm and relaxed, while praying that i can get a hold of my sci doctor and get some meds.