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How do you escape the pain?

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  • How do you escape the pain?

    I have horrible neck pain @ and above my injury. It is not nerve pain, I have that as well. This is a pressure, as if someone is pushing down on my head. The only thing that helps is hanging my head forward and backwards. Neither of which I can do all day.My neck also pops often and makes a crunchy noise-hardware?It's enough to take my breath away @ times.
    I take Ultram and Lyrica and refuse to get on anything stronger,although has came to mind.
    My dr. says it's neuro-muscular, but I feel it's a guess, he says x-rays show nothing abnormal.
    I was wondering if an adjustment would help relieve to pressure. Have any of you tried this. Did it work?
    Any other ideas?
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      I get that "crunchy" sound in my back (which is where my hardware is) , but the crunchy noise isn;t directly associated with my pain.
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        I take Ultram too, but with ativan at night also. I know the ativan is technically for anxiety, but when your muscles are all bunched up from pain it does a pretty good job of making them less anxious too :-)


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          Quad 79 , this pain crap really sucks. i use to read here about everybody having some kind of pain. i use to think i was lucky i had none. in the last year or so it is really getting bad buy the day. i'm getting to the point i can't even move any more. i'm a damn T-4 and i should be able to do stuff. i move my body go ridgid and hurts like hell. only relief i get is when i lay down and lay across my legs. like streching my back out. i don't know how much more this shit i can put up with. sorry to steal your thread.
          oh well


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            ....A massage, hmmmmm,ahhh-if only my hubby cared enough!

            Sorry kenf, I guess were just fu^#ed and pain is just a part of our lives. Bad thing is, I had horrible back pain(from slipped discs L4,5 &S1). When I got paralyzed, I thought"great, atleast I won't feel that excruciating pain anymore". Now excruciating pain in all that's left of me. I 've really never knew anything but spinal pain. Lucky me

            I still wonder if a chiropracter would help or hinder our situation.



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              For muscular/joint pain acupuncture works very well.
              Give it a try.
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                I thought the same thing Quad 79, I have DDD in my lower back (L4-5). Found out years ago I had a blown disc and due to the passing of time, it's gotten pretty painful. I'm not sure which is worse sometimes, yes I am, I'd loose the constant burning first.


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                  Have you ever tried lidocaine patches?these were initially rxed for my central but i have found over the last couple years that they DO help with some of my other pain as well.i get big wadded up trigger points that just keep recycling themselves everytime i have them injected or massaged out,but placing a lido patch over the actual TP itself really does help stop some of the radiating TP pain up there.i have tried them on alot of different areas too.they also make a lido ointment that i use more up into the hairline where it gets ugly and triggers base of skull can also use this on other areas where the patches wont fit .just a thought.

                  have you ever looked into something called craniosacral therepy?i just had my second session with this guy who has managed to almost completely rid,for the very first time since 2003 when it first started,to my one leg of some pretty incredible is harder to tell with my right one just how much has been lifted since i do have brown sequard there.but this really has been an amazing experience just working with him.the referral for this particular therepy actually came from my pain doc(i think she actually sees this guy for her problems too) and my ins co is actually paying for it just like any other therepy.that really kind of shocked me since when i tried to go thru myofascial release in 2003,they refused to pay back then i guess more info coming out about the benefits of myofascial release and this cranio therepy has changed their minds.this man ,just by using very very light touch in certain places,releases the layers of fascia and also 'rights" nerve flow and the flow of CSF thru the brain down thru the sacrum.i cannot even describe the feelings this has created while he is doing this.he released my diaphram two days ago which has become incredibly tight do to alot of things including having my polycystic kidneys shift to the front(my R one sits partially under and along the right rib cage)which has created alot of pressure constantly pushing upwards?this was just adding to my c spine mess and also affecting my appetite.i have been losing wieght like crazy which in my case,has not been a good thing.i am sitting right now at around 92 lbs.i eat but not as much as i should since my damn kidney is pushing on my stomach at the moment,and combined with that tight diaphram,things just didn't 'feel' good,and i didn't feel good either.this HAS improved alot and some of my pain,the overall intensity has really gotten did create some increased pain for a bit tho,but i guess that kind of comes with the territory since just by that very light pressure his hands create,it does actually cause the central nervous system to try and right itself.very very bizarre.but i can feel the movements inside my body.thats the freaky part.just a thought for anyone who is thinking of trying any sort of adjustments.this is an adjustment and manipulation done to the main areas that create the pain,the central nervous system and surrounding dura.freaky stuff.with my c spine being like it is,i don't think i would trust ANY actual chiro to just do the bigger stronger adjustments on me.any other part of my spine,i would be willing to go there but not the c spine area.its just very risky up there.all this guy does is just lay hands on the area and one underneath the area or wrap his hands around my skull and just very light pressure is applied.he does the c spine area too.honeslt,i couldn't believe this actually was happening on wed,but all he did was apply pressure by holding my head in his hands and placing his fingers at the base of my skull,and i kid you not,aftr about a minute of this 'hold' my pelvis area actually atrted to kind of raise up or tilt towards my head and slowly over about five minutes,my entire ass just raised up like a hydraulic dump truck dumping a load?,it reached way up then stopped and then slowly came back down,that was trippy stuff.i did not actually do anything,this(according to the therepist)was my sacrum,which is kind of way off?and pushed to one side,trying to right itself.just the most freakiest therepy ever.after this,that is when the spasticity went away.just a trip really.i am expectingthe spasticity to come back since it gets created by motor nerve damage.but my SNS is also quite damaged and my body has been in fight or flight since 2003 too.this is really helping to calm down my whole body,at least for now.

                  i would recommend to anyone who wants to try any subtle adjustments to try this type of therepy.the guy i have has been doing this for about 18 years and really does know his stuff.he was actually showing me some really strange little tricks he can do with my electro magnetic field(we all have one since our bodies do run on electric impulses).very very strange,but also highly enlightening too.just something to consider.i really am glad i gave this a try.i am willing to try just about anything at least once,if it works great,if not,well at elast we gave it a go.this really is a trip tho.i have four sessions left that my ins will pay for.we will have to see what they do after that.i will keep ya posted if anyone is interested.Marcia


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                    massage might help or ultrasound therapy. They've been doing ultrasound therapy on my shoulders and its been helping with the pain (oh the joys of pushing a chair around all day long LOL!).



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                      Firesmurf,well Marcia, I've tried lidocaine patches w/ no relief. I've also used the Fentanyl patches. Gee , they used the IV Fentanyl while I was in Acute ICU and that shit was good, but those patches suck!

                      Anyhoo, the craniosacral therapy sounds coool. It sounds like you were impressed. It's worth a shot!

                      Well, this cool fall weather is already stirring up a nice batch of pain. Yayh!

                      Jessie-I think I had UT on my bicep tendonitus and it helped greatly. Worth a try on this too. Thinks for helping me remember that!


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                        yep,the guy really did impress the hell outta me very very light,not even pressure,just more of a "hold' on my head and things started moving around at the sacal area.too freaky for words really.he also has released my overall body spasticity(my SNS is kind of stuck in the fight or flight mode due to damage there),that has been just is starting to creep back in a bit now here on sat.but wed,thurs and the whole day yesterday,my overall body tension has been reduced.he just layed his hand across my ribcage area and then places another underneath the area and actually released the horrid tightness in my diaphram that has become worse and worse from my over enlarged kidneys(i have PKD)my right kidney actually sits in the front now,right along my right ribcage on down to my hip and this has made everything within that area really tense and feels the best it hads ever felt right now.that tension is gone and my appetite is sooo much better.amazing stuff that cranio.i would at least give it a shot ya know?

                        our bodies just get so tense and tightened up everywhere from pain and the actual damage,this just helps alot in releasing the fascia that covers those muscles and the muscle underneath.we are working thru the layers of them during my visits.i still have four left that my ins co has paid for.i am not too sure what will happen after that tho.i would gladly pay for this myself if i had to,it really feels worth it.thats the very first time i have felt this way about any of the many many different therepys i have tried.nothing compares to this really was a trippy experience this last wed.if this 'only" released some of your overall body stress and tension,believe me, it would be worth it.just doing that has helped me has brought down the intensity.hopefully you can find a good knowledgable one who has been doing it for a guy has over 18 years of experience in this type of therepy.i was just really suprised that my ins co paid for it,ya know?good luck and if you should decide to try this,let me know,it really is a trip and a half.marcia


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                          Congrats on finding something that really helps! That's very cool! I'm going to check in my area & see if anyone offers that type of therapy. I, probably like most of you, have tried many things & most of them don't seem to help. I used to go to the chiropractor years ago, but now my condition is too severe & the thought of it frightens me. But this therapy I think I could handle. Thx for the info.



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                            Thanks raven.i don't know why i never really heard of this before.i did know about the myofascial release but this goes sooo much deeper into the actual CNS and actual nerve flow.he also messes with the dura and the CSF?its all just soo very gentle but wow,what results.trippy,just trippy.i do hope you can find someone.this guy was actually thru a regular(my orthos) physical therepy is a huge ortho practice.i think at least my ins co has become much more enlightened in the healing arts(osteo and homeo pathic therepys?).they were NOT back in 03.i hope you get some good results.this really has helped me.keep me posted,Marcia