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    Pain-wise, I hae been getting worse slowly. I had a new MRI done which basically showed the same things as the prior MRI (3 bulging discs, one of which has central disc extrusion), 3 levels of stenosis, 3 levels of foraminal narrowing and 2 levels of facet hypertrophy. There is also sciolosis which I'm told is not a pain generator.

    One OS I went to suggested additional tests, so I had a bone scan. I hae not seen the results yet, but I'm told by one of the girls answring the phone that it did not show anything, but I will pick up the results Monday because I want to see what it says exactly.

    Meantime, at the OS, I did not have a reflex for my left leg. My left leg is weak and getting weaker. I also have pain in the upper thigh as well as the normal sciatica pain, and I have pain in both hips as well as the usual pin in the lower back.

    My left hand continues to get numb at times, and moving the fingers feels like I am breaking the bones.

    Finally, I am constantly cold. With the temp in the 90's, I have to wear a leather jacket and 2-3 shirts to feel warm.

    The PM has changed my Fentanyl Patch changing time from 100 mcg changed every 72 hours to 100 mcg changed eery 48 hours. Still taking the 30 mg Roxicodone for b/t up to 4 times per day.

    So that is where I stand. Any comments appreciated.