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14 Days Post Lumbar Stenosis Decompression Sugery

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  • 14 Days Post Lumbar Stenosis Decompression Sugery

    Well, it has been a while since I have posted. While fighting the battle over my cervicogenic headaches my low back began to get worse and worse every day. I finally got to the point where I could not walk very far without severe pain in my butt and down both legs, stenosis and nerve impingement at L4-5. New pain physician referred me to neurosurgeon when the second set of lumbar injections did not work. So within a very short time I was referred to a neurosurgeon and had surgery.

    I had a "conservative decompression" at L4-5. The spinous processes were left intact and the lamina was only minimally incised the osteophytes (bone spurs) were cleaned up making room for the nerve roots and in general making more room for the soft tissues. I can tell you that the first week post op I doubted that the procedure worked but this is now the start of week 3 and I can tell you the procedure has worked. I went to the store yesterday and I could actually walk from one end to the other without leg pain for the first time in many months. Thank goodness for this new neurosurgeon. And thank goodness for this new pain physician. They both know thier stuff.

    The procedure was well tolerated and was not as painful as I thought it would be. Just an overnight in the hospital and out the next morning.

    Now I go back to the pain physician next week for assessment of my C-spine and that spinal stenosis because the Neurontin is not working so good anymore and or the stenosis is getting worse. I could increase the Neurontin (taking 300mg 3xs a day) but it makes my hands and feet swell pretty bad when I try the increase and that's just not acceptable, of course if the headaches return full fledged I will take the increased dose.

    If anyone is in NE PA and is looking for a good pain physician and neurosurgeon I would not hesitate to give you the names and phone numbers of these wonderful doctors, I think that they may have restored my faith in modern medicine.