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    sympathetic nerve block

    i'm finally going to try one. i have feeling to my toes, will it block that (my understanding is no)? can anybody share experiences with this procedure? ty. i get it 22 june.

    The only time,from my understanding that a sympathetic block will actually block or bring down pain is only when that pain is actually being sympathetically generated such as with RSD.they tried a stellate on my upper for the central in my left arm and shoulder blades and it did squat for me,BUT in my R knee,where i have actual RSD the symp block they did in my low back DID work,at least for awhile.

    a symp block is actually more of a diagnosic type tool in order to determine whether or not someones burning stinging pain crap is actually from RSD or central or one of the other many neurpathic type of pain.except when you do indeed have confirmed sympatheically generated pain as with RSD,these blocks,if repeated can actually in some cases,get it into some level of remission.something that i do not think(from what i have researched and learned)can actually happen with central pain becasue of the nature of it.

    if your doc feels your pain 'could' possibly be from SNS damage,it would be worth it to at least give it a go,otherwise,just from what i know about them,you would probably just be wasting your time and money.i felt absolutely no relief from my arm/shoulder blade pain(just this horrid electrical jolt when he hit that ganglion,but went away immediately) when they did my stellate,which told my PM that i did indeed have central there not RSD,at least up in the upper torso anyway.

    just where were they planning on doing your block,or where is your pain?if it is up above the waist they would do it right into the stellate ganglion in your neck,if lower torso,they do it in the low back.the sympathetic chain actually runs down along both sides of the spinal column so theorhetically it could be done along that entire column i guess?not 100 percent certain on the "wheres" with the lower(only where i had mine in the low back) just with the upper.i know for certain that with the stellate,they would know whether or not the anesthesiologist hit the right spot as you do dvelop whats called a horners eye lid will droop and constricted pupil.this is usually how they tell they hit that stellate right on.i cannot remeber if this occured or not when they did the lower.i also already have horners syndrome just fom my SNS damage.

    just what are your pain and other symptoms like and where are they actually located?do you have any actual symptoms of RSD such as the swelling or the area being really hot or really cold?any actual skin changes occuring there where the burn/sting crap is?these other symptoms are really the best way(plus the symp blocks) to try and determine the difference between central and RSD,with central,for the most part,the affected area looks just fine,with no real indication of the absolute hell going on underneath or 'in' the affected skin,not so with RSD.

    i hope this helps some.if there is absolutely no real indication of RSD being present,i really cannot see any real benefit for you in going thru actual nerve block or even ESI might just benefit you much more.JMO,good luck with whatever you decide to do,please keep me posted,K?Marcia