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    I have tilt on my chair, but it's as uncomfortable tilting back as sitting up. There is no comfortable position. Maybe if I had one or both shoulder blades removed, I could move without them rubbing. Probably wouldn't work.


    the Orioles won a game last night, but they still suck.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.


      Alan, this is probably not findable, but a chair, with a ring with a channel welded to the back, through which threaded rods are welded to the chair back, with hand tightenable knobs, should allow you to rotate. Think of a circle within a circle and in the gap three rods come off the chair back. A knob threads onto the rods. You could rotate such a chair translationally. The inner circle could join the outer circle at three strongpoints, but this would still allow 60 degress of rotation. maybe gravity would then put traction in the direction you desire. Good quality Steelcraft office chairs have a kind of amazingly good foam that supports flesh really well. I have seen a frame for old folks where two legs can pivot apart, which have wheels on the floor, shaped like a chicken bone, ie. the breast bone. These two pieces of channel can be the floor support. Then a heavy pipe could come up straight from the floor and the two circles could be welded to it. A steelcraft chair could be connected to the circles by a threaded rod which fits through a gap. Does any of this make sense. I saw something similar so that the chicken bone was parallel to the floor., and actually wondered if I could ship it to you, but it weighed a lot. It had everthing but the ability to rotate translationally, ie left and right. Guys who weld steel building are very creative. If you could find one, ask him if he could design a chair support which would hold your chair and also allow it to rotate. Okay, I know this another of my bad ideas. I just hate to see you suffer. In yachting they have what is known as a gimbal so a kerosene light can rotate as the boat tilts. If you could get hold of a heavyweight gimbal with screws to fix the gimbal at an angle, you should be able to fix a chair at any angle. Really dumb, but hey, desperate times, right?