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Percocet vs Oxycodone

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    Most pain clinics require random drug testing. It's to ensure you aren't combining street drugs with your pain meds, and also that you are actually taking your medication and not selling it. I have no problem giving a urine sample at any pain appts. I have a probem with drs afraid to properly treat chronic pain due to fear of the dea or being used by addicts. Take all the piss you want as long as I get my meds!

    they can not tell with the urine test if you only take percocet and not the oxy without acetominophen. I've never heard of testing for an acetominophen level with the urine tests. However, I would be concerned about kidney and liver damage not the urine test. They are only prescribing so many percocet a day for a reason. If you take percocet when you are supposed to be taking the plain oxy you may put yourself into organ failure in the long run. If your pain regimine is not working as prescribed, you need to discuss this with your dr. You may need to change doses or type of medication. Your dr needs to know what you take both so you don't take too much and so there are no contraindications with other meds. If you are on high long term tylenol amounts, the dr may choose different drugs that are more liver friendly to combine with your current meds. This is for both short and longterm medication.
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      Originally posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
      Oxycodone is a narcotic. It is not in a combination preparation. Here is the drug information. It usually comes in a 5 mg. tablet:

      Percocet is a combination drug of 5 mg. oxycodone and 500 mg. acetominiphine (Tylenol):

      While the additional Tylenol may help the drug work a little better, it is also important to remember that prolonged, long term use of high doses of Tylenol can damage both your kidneys and liver. Depending on how much of this you take, you might actually be better off taking the plain oxycodone.

      This is NOT the same drug, and the pharmacist should not have switched it without consulting with your physician. I would call them back (speak to a pharmacists, not a tech) and complain, and also discuss this with your physician. You may want to change pharmacies. It would also be important to see if your insurance coverage for drugs covers both of these medications.

      thanks so much kld for this information
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        Get a script for Marinol, piss test passed.

        Oxycodone is used for long duration rather than Percocet (Oxycodone + Get a script for Marinol, piss test passed.

        Oxycodone is used for long duration rather than Percocet because acetaminophen is bad for your kidneys, e.g. H. Hughes died of liver failure from too much acetaminophen in the Tylenol 5 he abused.