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  • cymbalta

    anybody know anything about this drug? was just prescribed to me for pain, depression, blah blah. thx.

    neurontin didn't work. haven't tried lyrica.

    gave up yrs ago on trying stuff but now with IBS i can't take the neuropathic pain, the excruciating abdominal pain and the stress of job and teenage son. went to doc yesterday and when she wanted to put me on med leave, i burst into tears. am on 10 day leave to try out cymbalta. our compromise. she's a geat doc.

    i feel, though, this is the beginning of the end. i need to work. i cannot work, even virtually (due to lack of sleep) in this amount of pain.
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    Any med is always worth a shot since your individual response to any given med can be wayyy different than someone elses.that being said,my response to cymbalta was not a good one at all.i also had problems with lyrica.totally different side effects tho.cymbalta caused me some pretty bad nausea but the worst side effect for me personally was this strange enhancement of a certain restless leg type of component i now have in my knee that also has legs are pretty spastic too.but this stuff was really really horrible in how it just brought out that nastiness.i ended up having to do a very rapid taper off of it after i had the second raise and things just hit the fan for me one night.i was up all night long pacing and spasming.this was just going from the 30mgs i had started on and up only ten more.two days at 40mgs and that was it.this stuff also appeared to send out many more electrical type jolts in certain spots in my central pain areas seemed to actually enhance all the bad stuff in me.

    despite my response to it,i do know of others who have had good luck with i said,its just very highly individual.i am usually willing to at least give something a shot before discounting it other words,don't knock it till you have at least tried it ya know?good luck,Marcia


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      Cass, you sound like me....LOL IBS makes having a bowel movement become a trip to hell and back.

      I had a female doctor take a gamble 10 years ago. She put me on Questran light for my loose stools connected to the IBS. For me the Questran light took care of the excruciating pain (the doctor was amazed) I was experiencing. If I go off the Questran the excruciating cramping pain comes back. It also evens out the diarrhea/constipation alternating with the IBS. There have been no studies that I know of but it worked for me. I was able to go back to work without worrying about IBS..

      I also started Cymbalta last summer. This drug has worked wonders for me. My feet are not normal but they feel the most like normal that they have since my injury. I also feel better mentally. It also curbs my appetite which with many months of chronic pain is a Godsend. I eat more when I hurt more.

      I had to quit my job in 2004 because the pain got so bad and the teenage daughter driving me nutz. I am going back to work on Tuesday so DONT GIVE UP.....

      Good luck and (((((((lots of hugs))))))))
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        My husband is on Cymbalta for Bipolar disorder and diabetic neuropathy. It seems to work pretty good I guess for the neuropathy and moderately well for the bipolar. It kinda works the same as Zoloft, it's an SSRI.
        He also takes diclofenac (Sp?) which seems to work better than the Lyrica.
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          Neurontin/Cymbalta/Lyrica/ all no noes for me

          Neurontin made me pile on the weight. I declined Lyrica because its chemical formula was too close to Lyrica. Cymbalta made me feel really really ill. I am now just starting effexor. My bowels are so bad that I lost half on November. My doc tried a stimulator, to stimulate sacral nerve, but it didnt work, so I am going in to hospital soon, to have other half removed. My problems all started with a spinal fusion in 2003. The surgeon place one of the screws crookedly, compromising my spinal canal. I've been in Chronic pain ever since.