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Does Nerve Pain dimininish with time?

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    After 10 years I have to say mine has gotten worse than ever. Shit, I only thought it was bad before. Now I deal with finding something that works for the pain because I've gone through it all.
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      Originally posted by metronycguy View Post
      not all are so lucky.
      I agree! 18 years post injury in pain for 17!


        I just got back from Jamaica and the "stuff" there took away the pain for sure.


          Originally posted by sweetluvgurl View Post
          Hey y'all. I posted this on the thread about hating the pain. I thought I'd also post it here in case y'all don't see it. I was looking up different things associated with chronic pain of different conditions. I'm not sure if this could help y'all, but I found an article on this hospital's website and was reading some. It says this one doctor (Dr. Kaufman) has treated a lot of different types of chronic pain and helped many people. And one thing I found interesting is that the doctor said if pain meds don't seem to help with different types of chronic pain, then they can surgically put this Spinal Chord Stimulation (SCS) device in the spine to send low levels of electrical stimulation to interrupt the pain signals to the brain. I think it's used for shingles of the spine, but I'm not sure if maybe it'd be effective for other conditions as well and could help some of y'all. I don't know. I just ran across this and thought I'd share the info since it may be able to help some of y'all. I really hope so. Here's the link:

          Oh yeah, here's another source that I found. It tells about a woman's experience with extreme chronic pain. I think she had a SCI like y'all, and her back, leg, and foot had extreme, excruciating pain that kept her from sleeping at night and made her not really able to function at all. She had the Spinal Chord Stimulation treatment done and said it didn't completely help with the pain, but it did tone it down a lot. Here's the link for that article:


          My husband is a T9-10 complete asia a since April 2010. At first his pain was nothing. Then about 6 months after accident he started getting the burning pain really bad. Some days he can't get out of bed. Moving around makes it worse. He has took so many different meds it is unreal! Still trying to find something to help. He also had the spinal cord stimulator trial. He did not help at all. So glad that he only had the trial because it was easy to remove. It may work for some but it did nothing for him. I know that people think we are crazy when he says he hurts so bad. They think just because he can't walk and is in that chair he shouldn't feel anything. Well he can't feel my touch or anything else but he BURNS all the time. He says it feels like his legs are dangling in hell most of the time. If anyone has any suggestions for us, we will gladly take them.


            Does the pain lessen?

            Originally posted by Grange View Post
            I think I know the answer to this question, but would like to hear some other peoples experiences. I am a L1 complete Asia A paraplegic one year post. Lots of nerve pain. I take Methadone 30 mg/day - 75 mg Lyrica 3 times /day - xanaflex - cymbalta once per day - xanax as needed - ambian as needed.

            Sometimes pain is so bad I can't do anything but lay around. Usually activity increases pain.

            Please say it eventually gets less.
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            It gets worse. My pain is at it's worse now after 31 years.

            Does the Methadone 30 mg/day work?
            Gary Is = L-1 Para for 34 years.....................


              discouraging news, but the book i just read (The Pain Chronicles) cites evidence it gets worse. neural pathways get rewired and brain pain receptors grow.


                sometimes, or it changes to another kind of sensation. or gets worse, or comes and goes.


                  Originally posted by cass View Post
                  discouraging news, but the book i just read (The Pain Chronicles) cites evidence it gets worse. neural pathways get rewired and brain pain receptors grow.

                  Today, I read a review of this book and ordered it from Amazon. Thanks for bring it to the attention of us people here in the forum. Patty


                    Same here, just ordered it - can't actually say I'm looking forward to reading about pain, as having it seems bad enough. But Cass's strong recommendation and the reviews on Amazon convinced me to get the book (the Search Inside pages at Amazon really hit home, too).

                    For me, as for so many others here, neuropathic pain has not improved over time and I no longer expect it to. There are days when it's not the main focus, but it's always there and it does organize life and pretty much dictates its own patterns. I've often thought how ironic it is that you can be totally numb, except for the capacity to feel pain.
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                      Since I was 16 from my own experience with a broken neck is pain never dimishes
                      It is a dull thud awfull lingering pain that usually elevates from my pain scale 7- 10
                      My pain level starts at 8 then goes up to over the 10 level when ever it wants usually . It is something I wouldnt wish on my worst enemy . I've lived in chronic pain for well over 30 years and there is really nothing that helps my pain .

                      Daily I use Tens units especially on my legs and arms to help distract my mind off my chronic pain in all my 4 limbs .

                      I think positive and medditate alot sometimes falling asleep which is good imop

                      Basically I dont know what to say about this post as everyone has their own pain situations ., and how they all deal with their pain or health problems .

                      All we can do is offer eachother kind support
                      Topics like this are deep and interesting as I like reading peoples replies .

                      Keep smiling