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    I am three and a half years post injury for T-12. I was complely pain free after the initial healing and awoke one morning three months later with horrific back pain. It has never left me and in fact, I continue to develop neuropathic pain now as well as other types of pain. I have seen several different pain specialists, have swallowed a small pharmacey of drugs only to learn I seem to become quickly resistant to what limited relief they initially provided.

    Next week I will begin in a new pain trial. This is itravenous xylocain which is administered as a one hour infusion once a week for four weeks. I was not able to find a thread on this. I will let you know what happens.

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    wow,thats different.i don;t think i have ever heard anyone else mention this particular type of pain treatment,maybe thats why you couldn't find it?i know they do do this same thing with ketamine but i have never heard of it using xylocaine ever.the only time i have even heard the word xylocaine was when i got my ears pierced wayyy back in third grade.i know its a numbing agent,just never heard of it used like they do with ketamine.i would really be interested in periodic updates as to how this all goes for you,and i am sure i am not the only one.i do hope you can find at least some level of relief from your pain.good luck,Marcia


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      I participated in a drug trial several years ago in which xylocain was one of the placebo drugs. The results showed that I got better relief with the xylocain then the drug being tested. The only problem with this drug as I understand it is that there is no tablet version available and you would have to be on an IV continuously. Have never heard of anyone using this drug with a pump.


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        keep us updated, i know for rsd they are now trying a infusion of a med like that.
        cauda equina


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          I agree, I haven't heard of this either. Keep us informed on how this goes.

          I have to say that for someone with neuropathic pain, you could do a lot worse than living around Toronto. It's also not surprising that that's where they're trying treatments like this. I've heard several times that the doctors therre have a good idea what they're doing in this territory. I credit a lot of that to the influence of Dr Ron Tasker, who was one of the top docs in this field. I believe he's retired now, at least as retired as doctors like that ever get as long as they're able to get around.

          BTW Mike, if they used xylocaine in your trial then it they must have considered it a control drug with a known effect, not a placebo. Sounds like you wound up on the good side of that trial.


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            wow. Please keep us updated. I, too, have tried the entire pharmacy. I have too many allergies to pain meds, of all things, which complicates things, of course grrrrrr

            If that works for you, I think I'll ask my doc. I hope it works for you. Pain is a terrible thing to have to deal with constantly. I can't even believe one needs to ! ughhh...with all the technology. Maybe instead of bettering the computers and making them faster they can concentrate on how to make people feel better..
            ...medicinal marajuana may help! That's not going to happen, though, because the government won't be able to "control" it and there wouldn't be any taxes AND of course the poor pharmaceutical companies would definately be ticked!
            Too bad... a natural substance for side effeccts except being hungry, and we can't even use it! grrrrrrr

            ok...sorry for venting. I'm a little grumpy today. AGAIN



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              I would not be too sure that medical marajuana won't at some point be available. GW pharmaceuticals in the UK in conjunction with Bayer has for some time been developing a cannabis based drug called Sativex. They are currently distributing it in Spain, the UK and Canada. They have not as yet gotten it approved for CP but that is one of their objectives. See for more information.


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                I have a prescription drug that is suppose to be synthetic THC, the chemical in pot. It is called Cesament (brand name) or Nabilone. I can't say that it is any wonder drug but at $6.93 per pill and 2 pills a day, I am opting to discontiue it. It's almost ironic that my Dr told me that it would e cheaper to buy the real thing on the street and it would be far more effective. Having a 13 year old daughter in the house, this is just not an option I am ready to consider quite yet.

                I have now had three rounds of intraveneous xylocain, the dosage is increased from 3 mg to 4 mg and then 5 mg with each treatment. I do believe I am more comfortable but certainly not pain free. There are a lot of factors that seem to affect my pain, in particular when the seasons change (the damp and cold???). This time of year as well as Oct/Nov are usually the worse so I may not be able to give an honest unbiased opinion. I do have the option of being able to continue weekly infusions when the study concludes next week and am going to accept this treatment offer. With time, I will be able to give a more thorough evaluation of pain management. There do not seem to be any negative side effects so far.


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                  I hope this works

                  I too had the same EXACT situation. First 6 months no pain at all. The BOOM.. it hit like a bullet! Never left, got worse, nearly unbearable 24-7 from the waiste down.. Actually , its the text book story for high pain. hise of us that wind up with it... it usually happens exactly that way. Very common according to Dr. Falchi at Craig Center. Exactly who they do the Drez Sugury on. You have to meet that exact criteria.. no pain at first.. then suddenly enters the pic. They are very familiar with this. I wish I had the guts to have Drez done... but I keep waiing for pain med to be developed. MAybe this will be it???
                  Mike (Florida)

                  Cant we get 1 do over?


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                    Lidocaine Challenge

                    Hi - I had a lidocaine challenge done about three-four years ago. It provided the most amazing pain relief I had had in years (no pain at all). It also only lasted maybe 25-30 minutes. If it had lasted longer (the pain relief) I would have been a candidate for more IV treatments. However, that short time of pain relief was absolutely amazing.


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                      I had a doc try IV lidocaine. He gave me 30 mg. every 10 or 15 minutes (don't remember the interval.) We got to 300 mg. with no relief at all, and that was that.

                      Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.


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                        I have finished the study portion of this pain treatment and have had one subsequent treatment. I will, for the moment, continue getting 5 mg by infusion once a week. Although the pain is not gone, I am certainly more comfortable that I have been in a long time. I'm looking forward to seeing if my comfort continues to improve.

                        I went on holidays for one week so I had to miss what would have been the 6th week. I foolishly mismanaged my pain medication while on vacation when I discovered I did not have enough to get me through the week let alone to when I was going back to see the pain Dr. I had to immediately cut my meds to 1/2 rations taking the last 2 pills the day we flew home. The next few days, with no meds at all were agony while waiting for the Drs office to open. By this time I could not even get out of bed to go to the appointment. Guess what the kind Dr said? He hasn't seen me for a few weeks so he insists I come in for my scripts, no, he will not fax anything in. OK, I can't get out of bed due to pain having been on half rations for a week before completely running out. This Dr is only in once a week so how does he expect me to be in better shape having to go one more week without any pain meds? This meant that I also had to miss my appointment for my pain infusion the next day.

                        Anyhow, I will hopefully be able to "crawl" there on Monday.