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Cervical medial branch block-yes or no?

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    What a terrifying experience that must have been!!! Thank you for sharing what you had to go through. I sincerely hope you have no long-term problems from all of this. No, I sure wouldn't be trying it again myself, either.


      Originally posted by Prism33 View Post
      Just heard about this procedure yesterday so it's no surprise that I have the terminology wrong! A truck hit me in my driver's side 2 years ago and I have been in pain since, neck and lower back. The procedure as best as I can understand it at this moment - put simply- begins with an epedural (or similar) near the facet. If this works then it is followed with "burning" the nerves to make the fix permanent. The doc gave me an article by a Paul Dreyfuss, the heading reads, " Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbosacral Medial Branch Block". My previous diagnosis was myofacsial pain syndrome. Of course, like everyone else I want a fix not a temporary cover up!! One can hope!
      It sounds like ur on the right track...I have chrom myofacial pain from torn ligaments in the neck...its been two years...I am currently investigating medial branch block and botox injections...u prob want to look into botox injections as well


        i am about to schedule my pre test for cervical medial branch block..... and I'm really scared! Ok lets start at the beginning... I was electrocuted back in july of last year and have had neck,arm,shoulder and lower back pain ever since. I was stuck in a rather awkward position for about 48hrs and I experienced tremors in my right hand and arm among other things. I have been getting trigger point injections for 5month now. They give me some relief but no longer than a week or so and I'm usually in pain and uncomfortable for a few days after but its worth the small time I get with no pain. I have been going to pt and ot for months now and they are getting to a point where they feel they can no longer help me i have a few more week left of both and I take muscle relaxers and narco for the pain, but try to keep those to a minimum cause otherwise I sleep all the time. So now my neuro wants to test me to see if a cervical medial brand block will help me... only problem is I am completely terrified of needles and it has taken all i have just to go in for the trigger points. I'm told i can't take any pain killers nor Valium... NOTHING!! So that doesn't help and I want to know more about what going to happen but when i'm in getting my TI I am so nervous that I don't think to ask a 100 questions. Can someone plz help! Oh I was diagnosed with myofacial pain syndrome and they also want to do botox which makes me nervous also.