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    Pain in the butt....

    I am desperately seeking information/relief about the pain I have. Since March 2005 I have had pain the the (right) perineal, scrotal, upper inner thigh area. (Like a needle jamming in with swelling and burning in peripheral areas). I can't sit for a very long time, and I have limited my activities.
    Two years prior to this pain, I have had pain in my left SI joint - I believe from intense physical training for black belt - attained Dec. 2004. Since I am no longer training as intensely, the SI joint pain has mitigated to lower levels.
    I have had the S2-S4 nerve roots tested and the results were inconclusive. I also have had DSSEP, EMG, numerous MRIs, a bone scan, and Cat scan of the pelvic area. The MRI shows a minor L5 disk bulging. Prodding in the perineal area intensifies the pain - indicating to me that the musculature in this area may be torn near the pubic bone. But a recent ultrasound indicates only minor muscle strains. When pain in my SI joint flares up, the perineal pain seems to subside. Steroid injections do not seem to help for a long period of time, and physical therapy has helped by loosening up the general pelvic area. Lyrica combined with up to 10 Advils a day seems to keep the pain bearable.
    I would appreciate any feedback about my situation. Thank You!
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    I'm hoping someone better qualified will kick in here with an answer, but I'm sorry to hear about the problem you're having. Ironically, I just had diagnostic wrist surgery last week after my doc couldn't figure out what the problem was from an x-ray or MRI with contrast. Once he got in there, he found a couple of ligaments that were frayed and trimmed things up. Sometimes imaging scans just don't tell the whole story. In your situation, you also have to figure out if it's at least partly neuropathic pain.

    I'd be wary of taking that much Advil daily, it can be hard on the liver. Caffiene can help "activate" anti-inflammitories, at least it works with asprin, so perhaps a bit of that would allow the same effect with a little less advil. Before we met, my wife OD'd on Advil for awhile and lost a fair amount of her hair. When it came back, it came in wavy and it's stayed that way ever since. I've heard someone else who had the same experience. I don't recommend Tylenol as a long-term strategy, but you can also use it together with Advil as a short-term way of dealing with pain with OTC drugs.

    Best of luck dealing with this.


      Thank you...

      Well Thanks!!! - I have been drinking green tea!!.....I have been doing research on this problem and have found a number of possibilities - some of which have been ruled out by the doctor.....

      ....hmmm - maybe my bald head will grow back? :>