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    skin too tight

    The other day, Discovery Health channel had a show about people who were born with a condition that makes their skin too tight for their bodies. The topic interested me, because that is one of the sensations I've been gifted with by central pain syndrome. My skin feels like it's pulled too tight over my body, so that any movement (like of my shoulder blade, or my abdomen when I breathe, talk, or swallow) causes the skin to feel like it's ripping. That sensation and the popping shoulder blades may be the most disabling aspects of my central pain, even more than the burning, skin being scraped off, bones through skin, stabbings, and other joys of CPS I endure 24/7.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

    Geeze, that's rough Alan. It must be very exhausting to have a pain like that.