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  • Dr. Young- Question?

    Hello Dr. Young,

    Back on April 23rd (my thread- Married to a sci survior) regarding the pain medications you stated that my husband and I should not be afraid of "addiction" but it seems our pain doctor is afraid to give my husband the medication he needs. The doctor thinks my husband is taking enough of the pain pills which he is not. So I came to you and asked if you can help us locate other pain management doctors- but the sci nurse replied and said you were away at that time. We since have found some new doctors in our local area some are no help at all. Today May 12th I have two more appointments and next week two more. Hoping to find a doctor that understands the need of my husbands medications. I just think some are afraid to prescripe narcotics. WHY What I'm really scared about is what if they all turn us away what will we do? This is the worst feeling I have. I'm truly upset about this and I don't know what to do, I feel our hands are tied and my husband will really go out of his head because he cannot live with this pain.
    Can you give us any advice on what to do, or where to look.

    Marianne & George

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    I am sure Dr Young will respond when he is able to. The SCI nurses and Dr Young are really great people, sometimes that is hard to find in the medical field. Dr Young is right--if someone is having severe pain then addiction is not a concern.

    Are you going to pain clinics? If not then that may be a place for you to try. I am not familiar with your husbands injury. Perhaps a physiatrist in your area may be another resource. Again I am sorry I dont know the exact circumstances but in addition to narcotics there are also other medications that may be very effective.
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      Thank you very much for responding. We found another pain specialist. Hopefully, this one will understand my husband's situation.


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        make sure they are a anesthesiologist before going.
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