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lortab or percocet?

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    very informative post.

    I had been worried about the long term effects of Tylenol on my liver and kidneys. It just did not occur to me to ask for a pain med without it. Thanks for posting the info.

    Originally posted by firesmurf View Post
    i think just getting off the tylenol after two years would really be the best way to go here.percocet is supposedly stronger than lortab.the thing is,depending on the individual,just because something is actually considered to be "stronger" it does not always mean better.the way a person will respond to the med itself is really the key.and yes,lortab is vicodin.the vics and lortab are hydrocodone based and percs are oxycodone based.

    the thing is,with all the options availiable out there that have no tylenol,i would think your doc would not really want to keep you on something that over time,even staying within the max dose gudelines,will affect the liver at some point,not to mention the kidneys.tylenol is really hard on the kidneys,something alot of people are just not aware of.i have a kidney and liver disease so I do not take any meds conataining any tylenol unless it is very short term.

    If you wanted to try percocet,go with roxicodone instead,or oxy IR.this is just the oxy without any tylenol.these are what I currently use for BT get the benefit of the percs but with no tylenol to have to take on a consistant basis.

    since you are obviously having pretty constant pain has your doc ever mentioned trying oxycontin or ms contin?the long acting meds are really much better in the long run if your pain is needing treatment round the clock.this takes away the ups and downs of trying to play catch up with your pain as one dose wears off and you have to wait to to take another.just a suggestion for you.i would at the very least speak with your Rxing doc about getting rid of the tylenol containing meds,really.why take that crap if you really do not have to ya know?

    unfortunetly,they are finding more and more evidence these days that good old tylenol is not the little innocuous med it has always been thought to be.if you don't really need it(like for a fever) stay the heck away from it if you possibly can if you are having to be on some sort of pain med on a long term basis.Before I actually found out that i had a liver/kidney disease,I just absolutley shudder when I think of how many 10/500 lortabs I was taking over the years everyday for my pain.just discuss this with your doc.good luck,Marcia


      Originally posted by David Berg View Post
      It's disturbing to learn how much variance is allowed for any generic drug. .
      generic tablets have been in the FDA recall list about every week. there was some slow release morphine and oxcontin that had higher than the labeled doses , ie 20mg had 30, very poor quality control,
      ethex was one of the brand names of the generics
      cauda equina


        Hi Mike , fellow cauda equina injury,
        I have an old ski buddy friend who is a drug rep for oxycontin in my area. He told me that his company which makes the non-generic pills won a lawsuit preventing generic oxycontin to be made and sold. I thought that went into effect a while ago (like 8 months ago). Maybe you are somehow referring to this.
        He told me the generic oxycontins are not on the shelves anymore - clearly something he is happy about. So am I , I had inconsistent results with generic oxycontin - more with the evenness or lack of delivery.