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Detox: No longer comfortly numb and can no longer.

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    Detox: No longer comfortly numb and can no longer.

    tolerate damn digestion side effects.
    Can anyone, Please, offer me assistance with locating a DETOX program that can help me, once-and-for-all, get away from my opiate pain meds.
    As much as I regret the fact that I accomplished on my own, only to be returned to it by the very doctor trying to help me identify the source and minimize the my pain. Ultimately, staying on it remained as the stop-gap, along with the highwire act necessary to battle the side effects, and the tendancy to exceed dosages so problematic when you use opiates against varying levels of chronic pain.
    This time the stakes seem higher, so I know enough to seek medical assistance, yet I'm sent swirling in circles by my doctors, including my pain management doc.
    I'm told SCI are turned away from the RAPID DETOX programs because of the high risk nature of our respiration.

    Can anyone offer expirience, or suggestion?


    What about the method where a pharmacist gives you a pill 3 times a day of methadone , but gradually lowers the strength until you are taking placebo. But you are not allowed to know what dose you are getting at any time.
    You are not making the decisions nor do you know what dose you are at. Maybe you start at 60mg of methadone a day and then gradually taper down without you knowing over a month.
    I know I considered this method when I decided to come off chronic opiate use - which I might add was one of the harder things I have done.
    I hope this helps......


      I don't know of anyplace. Can your doctor help? It's hard, buddy.
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        Wise has posted here about rapid detox before. I highly recommend you read what he's had to say about it.


          Tim ..

          From what I recall when I used to work with the Drug abuse program in my city is that we had some clients/patients which would be detoxed short term. They did come back soon for treatment again not long after. There were also people who were put on what we called "maintance". These people were on put on the methadone treatment with the medication being dispensed by the nurse on a daily basis. They would continue to also get counseling with the doctor and social worker. The people who were on maintenance would also discuss the possibility with either one of them as to being taken off the methadone. If the patient decided to do so, they would be treated as arndog has said previously. One of the things that the doctor and caseworker also tried to help the patient do is to also get the psychological addiction addressed. From what we learned there was that addiction is not only physical but psychological too. We had patients who were on placebo and thought that they were actually taking the medication. Some patients at times while on medication thought they were on placebo and would start complaining about withdrawal symptoms. They were re-assured they were on medication and their "symptoms" disappeared. The psychiatrist there would explain to us that it is a matter of the mind. The mind tells the person that they are having symptoms and they actually would feel them. That was why the doctor and case workers worked with them as often as possible.

          If you are interested in also finding out more on long term treatment, it would be wise to contact some of the federal/state funded Mental Health Mental Retardation Clinics in your city. From what I saw in the past, the doctors who at times do this type of treatment do sometimes lack interest in actually helping the patient. Apparently, you have met with some of them. It would also be wise for you to try to find out more from previous patients as to how the doctor has helped them with their treatment. We have had several doctors which don't really help the problem. They at times add to it. Something like the doctor that took care of Elvis Presley and my own sister.

          I will try to find out some more information on treatments from people whom I know have battled with this problem themselves and post whatever I can find out for you.

          Wish you well in the meantime and hope this has helped at least a bit.

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          but one who keeps on fighting to the end ~ Unknown ~


            Hi Tim,

            Do you have an alternative to opioids that you plan on using to control your pain? If I recall correctly, the reason you're taking opioids is because you're in severe chronic pain. It sounds to me like a rock and a hard place dilemma.

            Do you plan on giving up all other opioids and go the methadone route? And then try to wean yourself off of that?

            I have a walking friend who was on methadone for years due to severe chronic lower back pain. He used a cane to get around and was all bent out of shape when he walked. I think he was taking 120mgs a day.... a fairly high dose. He was always in a daze and couldn't remember a thing. He was the nicest guy in the world too but between his pain and the opioids he was really a mess. And he has Hep C to top it all off! He was taking Interferon to help with that but it was causing him all sorts of bad side effects. He finally got off the methadone but back on oxycodone and whatever else he could get out of the doctors here in town who all but abandoned him. After awhile I guess the addiction and withdrawal causes as much pain (or a lot of pain) as what the drugs were being used to alleviate. Catch 22.

            Just last week, after a couple of years of not seeing or hearing from him I gave him a call. I was really surprised that he answered the phone/that he still had the same phone number since he was always in financial difficulties and juggling his bills. Actually I was surprised that he was still alive. He sounded really bad... like he was half asleep and really out of it. Slurring his speech and having a hard time communicating. A real shame. He probably won't even remember that I called him. I need to give him another call (maybe I just caught him at his worst) and see if I can help him out in any small way. And since last seeing him his one brother has died from drug-related Hep C and God only knows what else and his other brother is soon to be sentenced for vehicular homicide while drunk. He killed two people in a car wreck.

            Originally posted by Tim C
            tolerate damn digestion side effects.
            My friend told me that they offered him 2 types of methadone. One had a "built-in" laxative in it since it's known to cause severe constipation. But if you don't have bowel control I imagine that can be a curse as well.

            HERE's a place that I just found online that specializes in Rapid Detox. Give 'em a call and talk to them. It's a "for-profit" outfit I think but talking to them over the phone to see what it's all about is free.

            Originally posted by Project Hope... Rapid Detox
            Safe, Confidential, Affordable and Painless.

            Caring, compassionate and confidential, Project Straight takes pride in making the symptoms of withdrawal as pain-free as possible. Contact us today at 1-800-DETOX-911 for more information on how we can help you with your drug rehabilitation. Please take a look at our list of FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS to see how Project Straight can help YOU.
            HERE's the Google for "methadone". On the right side of the page are the commercial outfits that deal with detox.

            Best of luck in trying to get your life back on track.
            "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria


              Tim, you and your physician may wish to look into a drug called "bupe." It is being used in some detoxes, will control pain and isn't addictive. It attaches to different receptors in the brain. While it is used in detox and for pain management, there is no high associated with it.

              As I've been through treatment twice, my doctor has mentioned it for me should my pain hit the "I can no longer live with this" level.

              I detoxed slowly in treatment. It was the lowest rung of Dante's inferno, but worth it in hindsight.

              If you have any questions, send me a PM.

              I wish you the very best.
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                Thank you all so much for your caring enough to post, I held back from

                taking action as i was trying like hell to hear what the detox centers had to say.
                All said, love to help but.....
                High risk due to compromised respiratory c4/5. can't do rapid detox.
                BUT also warned not to try detox on my own, fetanyl is no small opponent. I must go inpatient, medically supervised slow detox using suboxen or similar. only THERE'S NO PLACE I CAN FIND, ANYWHERE, THAT CAN PROVIDE THIS FOR ME.
                my pain doc tells me to back to my physiatrist, likewise my physiatrist advises that his facility can't offer help i need, must go back to my pain manage doc.
                Maybe answer is 1/2 way between the two; the GW Bridge.
                Just a push assist over the side and into the Hudson River.


                  Praying for you Tim...Rough ride, but hang on TIGHT!



                    tim is the pain still there? that's the point that troubles me , if the pain is still there, why torture yourself, you still are going to have to stop the pain
                    cauda equina


                      metro; thanks, yes pain will probably be there

                      but the digestion failure is killing bc of addiction and over use of script med.
                      i spend my life doubled over in my w/c in my celler.
                      i just about stopped eating.
                      at this point, short of a miracle, i am only waiting for a better place.
                      anyone got any?


                        Well, despite the hellish withdrawl and pure punishment I have

                        been dealing with all day, I just got into bed after limping thru a bowl of soup and catching the Soprano's. But fuuuck! My stomach feels a pressure/ tightness, like an elephant is fucking standing on it, along with hands which are constantly feeling like their on frying pans. Spasms are painful and extremely intense. Tomorrow i finally get the Medtronics spinal stim wires removed, That thing didn't do much more than vibrate me, while it cant do sqat for constipation sending shocks thru my legs.

                        Fentayl is no friend of ours


                          Tim i wish i could say something that is encouraging,
                          if you could get rid of the constipation , i think you would be better.
                          can anyone try and get a appetite enhancer to you. you got to get some fiber in you and get the shit out.
                          cauda equina


                            I think metro's saying you need a big fat doobie. It gets worse. Without the narcs, your gut will loosen up now. Plan on unbelievable diarrhea. Of the cholera variety. You will crap on the bed, the chair, the shower. And the dog.

                            I forgot those real bad spasms. Stay in a dark quiet place if you can. Sensory stimulation makes it worse.

                            Hang in there. I's hard.
                            Does This Wheelchair Make My Ass Look Fat?


                              Gatorade. V8. Water!
                              Does This Wheelchair Make My Ass Look Fat?