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Anyone withdrawal from Neurontin or Lyrica?

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    neurontin cause suicidal thoughts. I actually had to check into a mental hospital for two weeks until it passsed. I have not had thoughts like that before or since. I have stayed away from lyrica because people I know all had very bad side affects from it. that doctor is not telling you the truth. it can take several weeks for the panic attacks to go away. im so mad so many people have to go through that and then be lied to. oh no you dont feel what you feel. whats with Drs these days? why cant they all be like Dr wise?


      After my last doc visit we decided to stop lyrica. I was told to take away 1 pill for 3 days then take away another. Oh, i did just that. I was nauseous by the 5th day, in the morning my right felt like it was being squeezed by someone w/ cheez grater textured gloves[not all day just morning], spasms were a lil worse. I thought the uti was makin me sick to my stomach and raising the bar on the usual neuro pain and increasing the spasms. Turned out the pain doc told me to come off the lyrica to fast. I have a high tolerance for meds wasn't expecting that. So i started back on lyrica and nausea went in a day or two, spasms decreased a bit[there usually fiesty]. The best part about it is i'm better off on the lyrica. The reason i say best part is i have found nothing that works on the neuro pain, but i guess lyrica was doing something. Its strange we are miserable on these medicines but dont realize how much worse it is sometimes off them decifering which are working and which are not. Posetive outcome arndog
      Many Blessings,

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          i asked my neurologist if there is a withdrawal from neurontin and he said no. he said if you were epileptic and stopped you would could have seizures but its not a big problem if you take it for nerve pain and stop. i like the dr and want to trust him, but he is most likely wrong.

          i have been taking 1200mgs/3 times per day for almost a year. its not perfect but its the only thing that has helped my nerve pain (i tried acupuncture, PT, yoga, etc). after about 8 hrs it wears off and i feel the creepy crawly feeling and hot flashes and just really plain weird. so i am sure there is a withdrawal. when it is really reducing the pain i feel drugged. up and down that's life for me these days. at least there is an up.

          i have also been taking nortryptoline 10mg at bedtime i think it helps a bit, but i am going to switch to effexor to see if that makes more of a difference. has anybody had withdrawal from nortryptoline?

          good luck!


            Lyrica is evil stuff...I'm on 600 mgs at bedtime....

            For me, it grinds my metabolism to a halt. I work out everyday, and watch what I eat and I gain 5 lbs per month - I'm a coke addict, and I thought that was the issue and stopped "paap" altogether - still gained weight.

            The withdrawal symptoms for me were as if I had the flu x 10, sweating severely, nausea, hot spells, followed by cold spells, muscle spasms, twichin' irritability, and the list goes on...It is the most miserable withdrawal I have ever gone thru and have been unsuccessful to date. Not to mention irritability, bickering, bitchin', yada, yada, yada..

            If anyone with this dosage was successful getting off it please let me know!!!!

            PS, I still had symptoms after a week...your doctor is most likely WRONG and it's not you!!!


              Lyrica is evil

              I can't agree with Para-troopers remarks here more. I have had long-standing (19+ years) of chronic Lyme Disease and have had to de-tox from many meds (morphine, neurontin, ultram, ambien, lunesta, valium, etc.), but the Lyrica really has taken me for a terrible ride. After finally getting off the neurontin, I was still having alot of muscles aches and nerve pain associated with degenerated disks in my neck (cervical spinal fusion surgery didn't help at all), so my very kindly doc wips out the meds pad (yet again!) and put me on Lyrica 100 3X day, which I was on for almost a year. It mad me so tired and sick all the time, that I really just retreated into myself and began to accept the two or three hours a day that I could function around the house as normal. I was sure that I was going through some sort of "male menopause" and had even made an appointment with an endocrinologist.

              It is only since I have been reading all the good reports here that I've realized how many of my symptoms (including the mouth pain and arthritic hands!!) were being caused by the Lyrica. I tapered-off pretty quickly and have been completely off for about 5 days. I am MISERABLE!!! My hands are cold and my head is hot, I have cold sweats for ten minutes then hots sweats for twenty, I lost my appetite days ago and can't eat, have ringing in my ears, can hardly sleep at all (and when I do, I have very aweful horrible dreams), very aweful headaches and neck pain (could be pre-existing), and worsening allergies.

              I know alot of you have reported bad anxiety as well, which I think is just a normal reaction to all the upheaval that the body is going through. I have been through detox a number of times, so know the drill and am trying to do my best to remain calm (a long walk at about 10PM helps to get my body tired enough to try to go to bed and a bit of benedryl makes me drowsy).

              I just wish my doctor knew all of these possibilities before he pulled out his pen that day last year. How much suffering could I have avoided? There seems to be no end of brand spanking new drugs offered to us, the patient community. We are so desperate to find answers to our sufferings that we gladly accept the next script and hope for the best. There has to be a better way than this. The pharmaceutical reps aren't going to share these patient stories while they're leaving behind boxes of samples, so we have to do our best to inform our own docs and (through forums such as this one), compile the stories that they need to hear!!

              No matter how long it takes this time, I have to believe it is worth getting clear of the Lyrica (and everything else, for that matter!!). I just hope I can remain patient and calm enough to let me body do the healing. Peace. Richard.


                Originally posted by jarocho2003 View Post
                Yes as anti-seizure and also to help me sleep.

                I just need a tapering schedule that does not include substitutions, such as switching to another drug instead.

                My goal is to be drug/med free as I don't need this med, but when I tried to taper off it, it was hell on Earth and I had to reinstate to my original dosage.

                I also don't like it because it has a short half life unlike Valium which has a long half life and I experience w/d symptoms throughout the day.

                Safe tapering schedule anyone?

                Jarocho - I realize you are probably long off the Lyrica, but I am just trying to get off, I was taking twice daily - then tapered to once daily for a week, then 2 days ago, I stopped altogether, obviously that was a no-no! My skin in itching, crawling, anxiety over the top, nausea, vomiting, shakes... ugh, so I took a 75mg tab, and feel so much better, how long did it take you to get off? This is my first time to find this forum - what a wonderful thing!
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                  LUCLIC..i was on lyrica for about 5 months.have a damaged ulner nerve in my neck..
                  horrible pain settled my left pinky.
                  dr, put me on lyrica when nothing else helped even darvosetts.
                  it was a miracle took the pain right away.
                  i did have some side effects dizzyness..
                  i was on 75/twice daily.anyway i do not like taking medicine so i weanrd myself off slowly.been off for many months now no pain.
                  hand still numb..will that ever get better?????????
                  good luck to all.
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                    Originally posted by lucliz View Post
                    Jarocho - I realize you are probably long off the Lyrica, but I am just trying to get off, I was taking twice daily - then tapered to once daily for a week, then 2 days ago, I stopped altogether, obviously that was a no-no! My skin in itching, crawling, anxiety over the top, nausea, vomiting, shakes... ugh, so I took a 75mg tab, and feel so much better, how long did it take you to get off? This is my first time to find this forum - what a wonderful thing!
                    I found that even while on benzo withdrawal I could handle 10% off every week. This means 10% of the current dose NOT the original dose, so if you're on 150mg you can take about 15mg off and hold there for a week or until withdrawal symptoms are better. If this rate is too easy or too harsh you can either speed up or slow down.

                    At this point, I've decided to stop the Lyrica taper because I'm on a benzo taper and coming off these two evils at the same time it's almost unbearable.

                    I'm sitting on about 110mg and was cutting 12.5mg at a time.

                    There are two ways to get 10% off every week.

                    1) Water titration method: You pour the contents of the capsule inside 100ml of water and remove a little bit every week or even remove a tiny bit every day

                    2) My method: Open up a 25mg capsule and remove half of it and put the other half back into the capsule. This makes for a 12.5mg cut, which you can easily make into 6.25mg or even 3.125 but dividing the contents into 4 or 8 equal parts and removing one part per week. You may need to do 1/8 towars the end of your taper, which can drag it on forever, but keep symptoms tolerable.

                    I hope this helps as it has worked for me from 225mg to 110mg with symptoms to last 2-3 days before my body/mind adjust again.

                    Coming off cold turkey is a major no no, and even a fast taper can only bring on too many symptoms that you will likely go back on the drug, so slow and steady does it. Trust me I've tried to do it fast but I was not lucky enough to get away with it that easily.



                      Neurontin withdrawl

                      I've been coming off of neurontin for a few months now, was @2400 a day(1200mg x2day) and even though I'm down to 600mg x2day I still can't get past that. I've broken it in half to try 300mg x3 but still get bad headaches and still have concentration problems. It may be linked to my methadone, 5mg in the morning, 10 at night. My pain Dr says I'm on a 'baby dose' and it was the neurontin. I really like not being in pain, but which tradeoff can I deal with?
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                        Hi, I recently weaned off Cymbalta, horrible withdrawl side-effects. I had been taking med. for aprox. 3 years. I tried to wean off both Lyrica and Cymbalta at the same time!! Could not tolerate, now I'm trying to wean off Lyrica. I've gained 30 lbs. in one year.. I'm trying to get off most of my meds. I recently underwent surgery to my neck, removed two anterior disks acdf (anterior cervical disketomy and fusion). I suffer from Occipital Neuralgia and such horrible headaches and fatigue, and so on ...Good Luck!! D.White


                          I was sick earlier this month, brain fade, I forgot to order my Lyrica(I hate my ins co. for ORDERING me to use mail order drugs) so I ran out(I put my pills in a two week dose container) so I was out of them for about 2 weeks b4 I realized it. Wondered why I didn't sleep for four days straight, and was never tired!200 mg twice daily. I knew something wasn't right. So while I got over the coughing, sinus infection, checked dose holder. I was outta the Lyrica AND my pred.(Still was takeing over 10 pills a day).

                          I feel much beter now, got my mailings sat and mon. Oh happy days.


                            I'm getting ready to go off the fentanyl patch, from 50 down to 25 this week the hopefully off!!! going to stay on the lyrica though!


                              I also have been off Lyrica now since Feb 21st after a tapering down schedule. I had been taking 300mgs daily for 5 months leading up to SCS sugery Dec 8 and I cut to 200mg prior to surgery and we stayed with that dosaged. The doctor didn't want to mess with my medications for 6 months but I have been gaining weight again and feeling more mentally cloudy. I have RSD and asked to go on Topamax about 4 weeks ago so we started a slow decrease of lyrica and increase of Topamax . Since Monday of this week I feel horrible, nausea, diarreaha, I can't eat...even the thought of food makes feel sick. I have lost 11 pounds which truefully I am thrilled about but I can't concentrate, focus or do anything. I didn't take the topamax last night (75mgs last night) thinking it is causing all this or is it withdrawl from Lyrica? It makes you feel like you are crazy and I am sooo tired of feeling like this and it caused by something I put in my mouth. I have not accepted my diagnosis of RSD and living with chronic pain is enough to make you crazy. Who is the best doctor to try to manage this?


                                I'm taking Lyrica for pudendal nerve damage and have weaned myself off of 600 mg with no side effects other than my normal ones such as blurred vision and DRY mouth.I've been on lyrica almost 2 years,I forgot to refill for a couple of weeks and could definately tell the difference without it.I was on 1200 neurotin with no relief of my nerve pain.