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Anyone withdrawal from Neurontin or Lyrica?

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    lyrica withdrawal

    Originally posted by Cowboys_Place View Post
    longbeachone, now that you have almost stopped taking Lyrica have you noticed increase in your nerve pain? How about anyone else has your nerve pain increased substantially after stopping lyrica?

    I've been suffering from nerve pain for the last five years however has gotten worse the last eight months. So in January my Dr. Started me on Lyrica and at the moment I'm taking 300 mg a day. That is going to be the maximum dosage I take it seems to help maybe a little with the nerve pain. The big test will be when winter comes back around!!

    I also thankfully qualified to get it free since I don't have coverage to cover my meds. I worry however they might at some point say sorry you'll have to pay and I can't afford that kind of price tag.

    Well I hope everyone is doing ok
    I don't think that lyrica ever helped me with pain (RSD). I am not noticing an increase in nerve pain at all since dropping my dosage. The following things are helping me the most:

    1. I am really babying myself. Not stressing about resting as much as I can. Reading and watching tv as much as I want (I highly recommend the BBC show "Sherlock"!).
    2. I do get out and go for a long walk with my dog every day. Sometimes it is hard to get motivated, but I do feel much better after.
    3. I believe that our bodies have been scrambled by this drug. I use the following every day to help with withdrawal symptoms: Pedialyte for electrolyte imbalance, magnesium, a good multi vitamin, fish oil, Benadryl to help me sleep, Motrin for headache/body ache, sleepytime tea is also good to calm nerves, especially the kind with valerian. Tagamet seems to help with the stabbing pain in my stomach. Please share your suggestions if you've found anything helpful.
    4. Reading all of the posts here and at other sites is helpful beyond words so that I know I'm not alone or crazy. This drug does cause terrible withdrawal symptoms for many people. Sharing about our trials and successes is so healing!

    I wish everyone here good luck and health if they are struggling with withdrawal issues. I'll keep posting and fill you in on my progress.


      I went off of Lyrica recently after suffering withdrawal and increased pain. If I wrote this post last week I would have said, "Having a week from hell! Trying to withdrawal from lyrica and ready to give up! Pain has doubled and is constant. I'm up all night even after 2 oxycodones and a 2 benadryl. Getting more and more depressed... Is this worth it?! And the worst part is that I don't even know if this is because lyrica was helping or if my pain would have increased anyways." (Thanks to my husband who held me while I shook and cried a couple of nights.)

      After a week, I was ready to give up and take it again. (I was on 50 mg 2 or 3X/day, and decreased to 0 in about 3 weeks) Then I remembered that I had tried going off Nortriptyline a few years ago (from 50 mgs/night) and it really increased my pain and depression so I eventually restarted taking half the dose (25mgs). So instead of giving in and taking the lyrica again I added back that additional 25 mg nortriptyline and VOILA! The pain returned to tolerable and I SLEPT ALL NIGHT. This has continued for 3 days now and I feel like I can function again at this level. Maybe if things continue on well, I may try to decrease it again very slowly.

      BTW I have a t-12 injury and my pain is usually about a 4, but often goes up to 6 or 7 whenever it wants to and will be provoked by everything from hot feet to cold feet to constipation to full bladder, certain movements etc, etc, etc, ad nauseum..... During the withdrawal it was about a constant 8.

      I guess I feel better about taking more nortriptyline than the lyrica because lyrica hasn't been out as long and new drugs often are discovered to have dangers they didn't anticipate. I am suspecting that nortriptyline is safer, but I would like to find more evidence about that question. I do know that I can't live at that high and constant pain level. The lack of sleep and stress on my body I believe, is worse than the toll that long term use of a medication takes, not to mention the suffering and depression that goes with it. I am so blessed with family, friends and things I need, but a certain level of pain makes me unable to enjoy them. I pray for all of us dealing with that level, to find the right combination of things to find relief!
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        Withdrawal from Lyrica

        Originally posted by Karla523 View Post
        It has been a week since I got off Lyrica. I was at 200mg and weaned off over one week, which I now realize may have been too fast. I have been having horrendous headaches and nausea and anxiety since the withdrawal. The doc tells me that it can't POSSIBLY be Lyrica withdrawal since I weaned off over a week. I haven't found any luck finding many others who have withdrawn Lyrica and suffered problems. I know that Neurontin is similar, so if anyone has ever suffered withdrawal effects from either of these drugs, please let me know what happened. I have an appointment with my Primary Care dr. tomorrow, but I don't know what he'll do since the Pain Mgmt dr is the one who prescribed the Lyrica to begin with. It sucks when your doctors don't listen or think you must be nuts I am beginning to wonder if this will ever go away!

        I was put on Lyrica 300 mg/night for fibromyalgia about 1 yr ago. We've since moved and of course had to get a new doctor. My former doctor's nurse had got me set up on Patient Assistance for Lyrica since it is soooo very expensive so I received it free. My new doctor's nurse had NO clue how to do this so I've had to rely on the samples he had. He also reduced me to 150 mg/night which caused me some difficulty sleeping but not as much as running out of it and trying to sleep! In that case, I could NOT sleep all night!! My feet kept feeling restless, then my whole body felt that way along with pain. Needless to say, I called the doctor's office that next day and insisted they do something about it. I ended up having to pay for 10 pills (wasn't cheap but with Medicare, I could afford it at the time). He's now changing me to Gabapentin 300 mg which I will start tomorrow night. Can only pray that it works for me as it is affordable with my insurance. We'll see ............


          When you stop taking a drug like lyrica taper off it slowly take your time. I did it over the course of 2 months and had no problem, I had been taking it for 2 years. Some physicians don't even know there is a withdrawal issue!!


            Just adding my experience to this old thread. After four years at 300 mg, 2x/day (600 mg total) I decided to start tapering a couple weeks before thanksgiving. As of today it’s been eight nine days since I took my last lyrica and I’m still mess.

            Initially it was just raging nerve pain, but after a few days anxiety and depression kicked in. I’m now two days into taking nortryptaline (25 mg) to try to offset some of the lyrica withdrawal symptoms, but it’s not been very effective yet and I cannot take Valium while on nortryptaline as the combo tanks my blood pressure.

            Seriously considering going back on lyrica if this doesn’t improve soon.
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              Damn Mize that was a fast taper! I titrated down from 2400mg per day gabapentin down to nothing over 3 months without much trouble, other than the nerve pain coming back. It never really went away anyway on the meds so that was (and still is) fine. Life is pain, amiright?!
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                You are right. My experience was that each successive dose increase was effective for, at best, a few weeks before pain levels returned. The only reason I kept taking it was to avoid this mess I’m in now.

                In my case when the nerve pain first kicked in, I knew I could never adjust to it. Of course, eventually I did, just after becoming addicted to lyrica. With hindsight I’d have never started gabapentanoids.
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                  I tried Lyrica while doing a 2 week rehab after 3 months in bed (flap), and we tried Lyrica then; if totally fucked with my head and I stopped after a few days.
                  Then I tried going on gaberpentin. I was on it a week or ten days and quit cold turkey, knowing the addictive issues, but assuming that in such short time it wouldn't be an issue.
                  Well, it was-it REALLY was! I was whacked out for a week, severe, and didn't feel normal for a couple weeks.
                  I still have the pain and soon will be seeing a pain specialist who is highly recommended by my primary care guy who I respect greatly.
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                    Now I'm on day 10 since my last lyrica. My doc gave me some nortryptaline to help with the side-effects and I'm actually doing pretty ok now. Spasms are still much more frequent, pain is higher and I'm still not as emotionally grounded as I normally am, but I'm in the office and getting work done, so I'm through the worst of it...I hope!
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                      I weened myself off Lyrica and Tramadol for the first time in 9yrs. I was taking 300mg a day. Like other replies, being med free leaves me unable to function, it reminded me why I take it. Really no choice.