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Anyone withdrawal from Neurontin or Lyrica?

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    I've been trying to slowly ween Neurotin...Was at 1800mg/ down to 600mg but I can't make that bridge



      We had a horrible experience with lyrica. The doctors apparently do not watch ads on network TV warning of side effects-depression at suicidal levels,intense pain,sensitivity to everything. We managed by long, slow withdrawal . You have to get off it. We would be glad to give more details if you need them. We lost a year of therapy.


        Day 2: Lyrical withdrawals

        Here at work and can barely manage to keep my head up, my stomach is killing me. The worst part is I know this is just going to get worst. I've already tried to get off Lyrica once and was unsuccessful and only made it 5 days without it, but my dr. and weened me too fast. We did it much slower this time, but am still suffering withdrawals. I just want to stay in bed till this is over.


          Day 13: Lyrica Withdrawals

          Good news! I'm feeling much better! For those who haven't seen my other posts, this is my 2nd attempt to get off lyrica. The first attempt was obviously unsuccessful. This attempt, I can already tell, will be a success! My dr. weened me off 25mg a week this time. I was taking 200mg a day. So it was a very slow weening off process. I did start having some withdrawal symptoms during the last week, even while I was taking 25mg, but it was somewhat manageable. Today, almost 2 weeks without the drug I feel so much better, the nausea is gone, stomach cramps gone, diarrhea is coming and going, but that is the only symptom that remains.

          The severe nerve pain in my neck and shoulders is back so I know the lyrica is out of my system.

          So if you are going to get off lyrica, the most important thing to do, is do it very slowly, doing it over 1-2 weeks, is not slow enough, even though your dr. may say so. Voice your concern, your dr. should understand your concern and listen and help you come up with a slower weening schedule.

          Good luck!


            I have been on oxcarbezapine for some time which is also an antiseizure med. Gabapentin being that also, I would say that I can relate to alot of you trying to get off of it. It is a nightmare, and I'm told dangerous to do w/out supervision. I couldn't get anyone to tell me how to get off of it, so I went cold turkey...I needed to know if I really needed to be on it as a mood stabilizer. So all of the symptoms I have read I have also had on the oxcarbezapine which is generic trileptal. My doctor tried to put me on high doses of gabapentin (while still on trileptal...oh what fun)for a head injury. Because of the narcotic issues he wasn't budging on giving me any. The weird thing is I can titrate off of hydrocodone way easier than the anti-seizure stuff....but experience doesn't seem to make any difference to the medical community. I think they're more interested in covering their behinds than treating your pain, When he wanted to put me on the gabapentin, I flat turned him down. I NEVER want to go through anti-seizure med withdrawal again EVER! I'd rather be hit with a towel and hammer, then call it a day. There's alot of questionable information out there for the way Dr.s use it. I can't say I trust the medical community too much these days. I wish you all luck coming off of it....scary stuff, in my opinion.


              Thank you for starting this thread.
              Sure helped me keep my sanity.
              I was taking lyrica for over a year, I maxed out at 150mg a day, I stopped at that level as my feet started to swell if I started going over 150mg. I came down to 25mg a day. If I was having a bad day or could predict I was going to have a bad time I would increase the dosage for a few days and then back down to 25mg. I guessed that just stopping would be fine seeing as 25mg was the smallest dosage. I hadn't read this thread at this point.

              The first week was truly horrible and initially I didn't put two and two together. My stomach muscles felt like they were constantly contracted and extremely painful similar to having extremely bad gas that you can't pass. General pain levels rose as previously described, thankfully I read this thread and had some hope that things would improve. Who ever said the whole process lasts about 5 weeks is right on the money.

              I am now completely off lyrica for at least 2 months. I can't say things are better, but they are not worse than when I was taking lyrica everyday.

              Just my theory... it seemed as though lyrica really helped in the beginning when you're ramping up, but it is as though your body becomes accustomed to it and you have to keep increasing the dosage to get similar amounts of relief. Until you are just taking it for what seems like no real benefit, and for me when I increased the dosage the side effects of lower limb swelling started to out weigh the positive effects of increasing the dosage.

              To those of you about to try and get off lyrica I recommend two weeks of mental distractions and warn those around you to keep you distracted.
              In my opinion it was worth it. I wish someone had explained how hard it was to get off it before I started taking it regularly in the beginning. Definitely an illuminating experience. I'll double check how hard it is to wean off a drug next time they prescribe something they want me to take on a regular basis in the future.


                I use it Only when I need it


                  Neurontin (gabapentin) withdrawals are pure hell. I am doing a taper and am having a hard time deciding what to do. This drugs bioavailability varies so much with dose and dosing that it makes for a lot of experimentation.
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                    I take 600 mg of Neurontin three times a day to help with my nerve pain. One time my nerve pain went up a substantial amount and my primary care provider prescribed Lyrica. The only withdrawal I had from Neurontin was my spasticity got extremely worse. Lyrica really helped with my nerve pain but my spasticity got so bad she put me back on Neurontin. I spoke to my spinal cord doctor and he told me that Neurontin helps with reducing spasticity so when I got off that is the reason they increased. I have decided not to get advice or change medicines from my PCP, but instead talk it over with my spinal cord specialist.
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                      Lyrica withdrawal is the absolute worst!

                      Hi everyone. I have been taking Lyrica for about three years, and decided that the weight gain and absolute physical inertia was no longer worth the negligible amount of help that this drug gave me. Stupidly, I attempted to go off cold turkey in November, two weeks of torturous hell that ended with me back on 450 mg a day once again. I have since been using a looooooooooooong taper, and while I still have some mild symptoms of withdrawal (headache, anxiety, exhaustion) it is bearable. I am now on 75 mg every other day. In one week, I hope to go down to 35 mg every other day, then off. This has taken almost six months to achieve. If you are contemplating going off of Lyrica, as much as you just want to get it over with, trust me, start tapering and save yourself a lot of anguish. It is criminal that this drug has been handed out so capriciously. If you have not started taking this drug yet THEN BY ALL MEANS DON'T!!!! I'll post again after my next dosage drop.


                        I just take 50g 3 or 4 times a day. This is the lowest that I can balance my pain with. If this helps my pain and I can drive & have energy for life I consider it helpful and not bad to take. Just my experience.
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                          longbeachone, now that you have almost stopped taking Lyrica have you noticed increase in your nerve pain? How about anyone else has your nerve pain increased substantially after stopping lyrica?

                          I've been suffering from nerve pain for the last five years however has gotten worse the last eight months. So in January my Dr. Started me on Lyrica and at the moment I'm taking 300 mg a day. That is going to be the maximum dosage I take it seems to help maybe a little with the nerve pain. The big test will be when winter comes back around!!

                          I also thankfully qualified to get it free since I don't have coverage to cover my meds. I worry however they might at some point say sorry you'll have to pay and I can't afford that kind of price tag.

                          Well I hope everyone is doing ok
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                            Tried to ruduce my dose of 100mg twice a day to 50mg twice a day. I made it one day before my shocks returned. Maybe it's in my head but the shocks blow so I'm sticking with the Lyrica. Wish I had more energy.


                              Originally posted by Cowboys_Place View Post
                              I've been suffering from nerve pain for the last five years however has gotten worse the last eight months. So in January my Dr. Started me on Lyrica and at the moment I'm taking 300 mg a day. That is going to be the maximum dosage I take it seems to help maybe a little with the nerve pain. The big test will be when winter comes back around!!
                              With maybe a little help with the pain, have you noticed any side affects?
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                                I have been taking Lyrica for +two years. It helps me. My dosage started small and increased to 600mgs per day. 150 x 2 twice a day. I personally weened myself to 300mgs x 1 (in the morning) a day.

                                Weight gain was great (but significant). I needing to get weight back on. Having known what I know now, I would still (and continue to do so) use Lyrica in lieu of Gabapentin. I hate that drug. If you have to FUNCTION, then I would say ...Watch the dosage, be active, and Go to thee Gym.....Be flippin' normal. "That's why we are trying to HELP OURSELVES.......RIGHT"?