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Neurontin vs Pregabalin

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    Neurontin vs Pregabalin


    I have been taking 1200mg of Neurontin 3x daily for nearly 2 years and with little effect (I am taking a whole host of other pain killers to help it out). I realise that 1000mg x3 daily of Neurontin is the maximum recommended dosage.

    Pregabalin has just be introduced here in Australia and my pain team have been able to prescribe it for me privately. Instead of paying the normal $4 prescription fee, I pay either AU$85 for 56x75mg capsules or AU$120 for 56x150mg capsules. The doctors are fighting for it to be added to the PBS scheme

    In the meantime, not exactly cheap but if it works I will hand over the money with a smile on my face!

    As the drug is so new here the Pain Team were able to offer very little advice on common side effects other than the general ones associated with most medication... nausea, dizziness etc.

    Also, there is little information on how successful a change from Neurontin to Pregabalin will be.

    Finally, the question of dosage is still not exactly known. The pain team have said that any transfer should be on the conservative side and can be increased if needed. they have suggested initially dropping one dose of 1200mg and replacing it with 150mg of Pregabalin. If this works, drop another dose. It is anticipated that the Pregabalin is to be taken 2x daily, instead of 3.
    Pregabalin is supposedly 6-7 times stronger than Neurontin, which means that 150mg falls short of my current Neurontin dose. In saying that, Pregabalin is supposed to be more effective and therefore, in theory I shouldn't need an equivalent dose.

    If anyone can offer ANY advice I would REALLY appreciate it, especially anyone who has made the change from Neurontin to Pregabalin.

    Anything else is a bonus

    3000 a day is not the top level for neurontin in pain use, its higher a lot of people use over 4 grams a day.
    i started lyrica recently, started 3x25 = 75 mg ad day, and increased to 150 a day. so far much less sleepy side effects , and not eating everything in sight either. i really dont notice it too much.. so far.
    i was on 3200 ad ay of neurontin a couple years back
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      Switch to lyrica ~

      I, too, am making the switch from Neurontin to Lyrica and wondered how others felt. Would appreciate any feedback you can give me.
      Both drugs list weight gain as one of the possible side effects which may explain my "gut". Hoping that Lyrica gives more relief of the burning pain.


        i am only on 150 a day, it doesnt seem to have the food cravings of neurontin, i am gaining weight though. i dont get the tiredness of neurontin, i still need to take a sleep med, with neurontin i never need a sleeping med.
        i am not sure if its working on my pains or not.. i want to go up a little and see if there is a better change, i still have plenty of neuropathic pain, but its from lumbar stenosis , i dont know if lyrica works on this type of mechanical pain.
        i was hopping the lyrica would enable me to wear a shoe without pain and stop some of my weight bearing pain..
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          Just switched

          Day three- 2X75mg

          Sides mild for me compared to Neurontin - a little sleepiness, and a little euphoria- kinda like 10 mg of valium.

          So far though, no effect on neuropathy ( I burn entire left side below shoulder - worse for hand and foot, much worse at night). if anything- neuropathy is increasing.

          The only thing that has touched the pain so far was Zanaflex- when first on it my pain changed to electric shocks for 2 days- then reverted to burning. No decrease in intensity- just a brief change in the way it felt. But Zanaflex stole my very limited mobility- no spasticity and I fall down. Also, Z was a mind killer for me- i could barely remember my own name.


          PS Lets keep this thread alive.
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