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For high-quads, not high quads; do you experience that burning..

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  • For high-quads, not high quads; do you experience that burning..

    Any evening, following an any afternoon consisting of any exercise, or exerting any amount of pressure, or just about any damn use of my left arm that involved my C4 scapula I get the most friggin agonizing itching/burning sensation on the skin-deep level region of my scapula, rotator cuff in front, and behind, and down my arm over bicep and (or what used to be) my tricep.
    Believe it or not, I found relief only from a thorough, and aggressive scratching from someone who must really love you, or, as I stumbled upon, the firm, loop side of my velcro-fastened utensil assist splint. Using the loop side against the skin, and moving in a up/down direction, first targeting the most painful areas of the scapula, then moving over the top of the shoulder, to the front and into the pocket of the rotator cuff. Without this being administered vigorously for 10min minimum my arm remains frozen in muscle tone, I suffer big time, can't move and can't sleep. Get the visual?
    I can almost live with this :: except I'm rarely blessed with a family member's available free time that they willingly donate to do this thoroughly, but conversely, my caregiver seems to get some perverse pleasure in scraping the first few layers of epidermous, leaving me bloodied and need of first aid cream.

    Before my prose drifts too far from the point of the thread: I am merely respectfully inquiring amongst the CC members,if they too experienced this neurogenic skin-level, insatiable burning itch condition, and what remedial measures were used?

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    I get something similar on the outside of my arms and forearms.........feels a little like sunburn. Don't think it is as bad as yours as I tend to ignore it.
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      I get a very bad itch which seems to come from the muscle in my arms, mainy forearms if I don't work them hard for at least an hour a day. It was really bad about 5 months after my accident. I needed to have them scratched so hard it would leave tiny little blood spots form in my skin. It seemed like it was because the muscle wasn't getting enough blood flow.


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        yeah my ass burns by thee end of the day. that goes once i hop i bed. for a short time i had an aching burning feeling in my legs and now i can squeeze a few muscles in my legs, although it's weak. rubbing helped.
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