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Anyone else get this reaction from generic drugs?

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    Anyone else get this reaction from generic drugs?

    Hi all,

    This is strange. I've been on Neurontin for the last 4 years for nerve pain. Works for me. However my insurance no longer covers name brand except for at a cost of an arm and a leg.

    So, wanting to save some $$, I went with generic Neurontin which is gabapentin. Okay. I've taken generic versions of lots of drugs and never had anything happen.

    But the weird thing is that after being on gabapentin for two weeks, I noticed my nerve pain had increased. I went from 1800mg to 2700mg to control the pain. Even at that, the pain was still there.

    So, I went to my emergency drug kit which is a one week supply of all of the drugs I take, and went on the name brand again. By the end of the week, I was back to 1800mg and feeling good.

    How can this be? The generic is supposed to be the same formula. The only difference is that Neurontin was a capsule and gabapentin a tablet. But I know that can't be the thing because I've taken Neurontin tablets and they worked fine.

    Anyone have any thoughts? Am I just crazy?

    I've heard other folks say the same thing about the generic vs brand-name versions of Neurontin. Check into whether your insurance company might have an appeal process so you can continue to get the brand-name. If nothing else, I'm pretty sure Pfizer still has a program for people who can't afford their drugs and that would be worth checking into as well.


      Nurses or Wise- Why would generic neurontin not work the same?

      Thanks for the post Dave. My insurance is a PAIN IN THE ASS! Wooh be it to anyone else who has Group Health, or as I refer to it, Group Death.

      Anyone else get a reaction from the generic Neurontin. Nurses or Wise? Why would this be?


        Originally posted by AngelaandKC
        Thanks for the post Dave. My insurance is a PAIN IN THE ASS! Wooh be it to anyone else who has Group Health, or as I refer to it, Group Death.

        Anyone else get a reaction from the generic Neurontin. Nurses or Wise? Why would this be?
        Not Neurontin, but over the years I've had differing reactions from drugs. One brand would work well, another brand wouldn't. My pharmacist explained to me that there's a world of difference between manufacturers, and the binders, colorings and such they use in the pills.

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          A friend of mine said the same thing about the generic neurontin. His doc just said no generic... problem solved. His insurance had to say yes I guess.


            My doctor put my dose from 600mg X 3 to 800mg X 4 and man brand name is different. I pay cash for mine so there you go can't do almsot $ 100 different so have to just hope for the best.



              the only medication i use is my suppositories,i just stop taking nuerontin and everything else after awhile your body sort of get use to the nerve pains and all the other discomforts.


                Thank you for sharing this, AngelaandKC. You might have saved my life! I've recently change health plans, and the manufacturer is now different. The gabapentin I started taking 2 weeks ago is a pale yellow tablet manufactured by Greenstone, instead of the vibrant orange from TEVA that I've been using since January, when I switched from Neurontin to save a little money. It never occurred to me that the pain and depression I'm experiencing could be the change in generic meds. Tomorrow I'll go back to the orange pills. Which generic are you taking?


                  i doubt this is your problem, there was a problem with the generic meds made in a big new jersey lab last year., also there are a lot of counterfeits out there. certain pharmacys wont buy their meds anymore from certain dealers due to counterfeit problems
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                    Dejerine has a fairly in-depth Gabapentin/Neurontin thread going here
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                      Go with what your body is telling you

                      The difference btwn name brand and the generic is about $1000/mo so out of pocket is a no go for me.

                      Although Group Health is a pain in the ass to deal with on the insurance end, I don't think that counterfeiting is the problem.

                      Thank Goodness that the internal policy has changed during my battle with them. Cause I KNOW I'm not crazy. I know more about my body than the docs do. I KNEW something was wrong. They're now giving me the name brand.

                      It's too bad that I had to go through this but I did learn some important things. I'm really glad that I had an emergency drug kit with the usual meds I take. It gave me the ability to go back to the name brand just to make sure I wasn't crazy.

                      SoFla- If it's not working for you, you must go back to your doc. Only you know what's wrong. I was taking the yellow pills but got changed to a white tablet.

                      Best wishes and thank you all!


                        Angel,I had the same problem you are having now with the generic brand Neurontin (Gabapentin).My insurance didnt want to pay for the name brand,so my Doctor switched me to the generic brand and all hell broke loose.Two weeks went by and I had enough so I headed back to the doctors.
                        I was put back on the name brand Neurontin by Pfizer and my insurance is paying for it.If your looking for good over all pain relief..go with the name brand.

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