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Lyrcia for neuropathic pain, has anyone tried this?

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    lyrica for relief

    My husband had to double his dose of Lyrica and it does work to some degree. It makes him rather wobbly and he has fallen down several times. I don't allow him to drive while the effects are the strongest. He takes it three times each day for pain. The doc started him on gaba years ago with absolutely no relief, so he switched him to lyrica. Everyones different. If you don't get relief from one, try the other. He's also on Morphine three times a day, the doc said he could try prescription meth but our daughter tried it and it didn't really seem to help so she also went back to lyrica and oxy. good luck.


      i came off lyrica a couple months ago, i was on 300 a day , it didnt make any difference with my pain, just gave me untolerable side effects, i did find that neurotin did work, they are supposed to be the same class, but i never got the relief i got on neurotin, but again it gave me bad bowel side effects that i found intolerable, the same with the neurotin.
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