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    After trying different medicins i have found out that notning is working enough for me (neurontin, lyrica, zanoflex etc.). Beside the small amound of pain-reduction i feel terrible when the sideeefects are impacting my brain. I use some kind of gel on my back with ibux and try to keep my self in low doses of baclofen. 2-3 hours before going to bed i take 600 mg neurontin and that´s all. I want so much to keep my mind clear and be together with my family.
    I´v been to a neurolog and he said that my pain is not neuropathic but it´s en indirect result of my injury. High level of tightness results to pain in low back. Has someone else simular kind of pain?

    i get a lot of low back problems from my injury and surgeries. i am also very mobile.i wonder if those meds you listed which are usually for neuropathic pain are helping the lumbar pain.luckily all i need for it now is a anti inflammatory for the lumbar stiffness/pain i use mobic now vioxx before.
    its different meds for localized back pain than the shocks/ burning of neuropathic

    physical therapy is the best way to learn how to stretch out the tight muscles and also to learn to do the core exercises to stabilize the spine..
    thats what i have finally [img]/forum/images/smilies/rolleyes.gif[/img] gotten in a habit of doing

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      I've been taking neurontin 1800 mg's a day for approximately 4 yrs and have in the last yr felt like I'm constantly wanting to nod off in the morning and afternoon but have no problem in th evening. I'm finding myself forgetfull at times and think it's the neurontin causing it.

      The only other meds I take are blood pressure pills and have taken those for many years. I'm
      just curious if theres another drug that will releive pain and that isn't to constipating.

      Any information would b greatly appreciated.


        Ultram will take the pain away, not constipate you and give you crazy amounts of energy. You may not ever nod off again!


          strange how the ultram affects people differently,
          i would have trouble sleeping on it at night, but during the day i would need a quick nap, it never gave me any great energy, i wish it did,
          it made my pain more managable, with less narcotic whacked feeling i would get from percoet.
          parking cars in tight spaces was a lot harder with ultram, i wouldnt drive with percoet.
          ultram did something to my bowels, maybe not constipate me , but slowed down the passage i think.
          i am having a hard time since stopping the ultram, i move a turd at least every 2 hours now.

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          cauda equina