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Tired Of Pain, Tired Of Meds?

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    Tired Of Pain, Tired Of Meds?

    I spent 10 years doing the chronic pain routine. Jerk Doctors and Pharmicists. Finding out what was best for me here at the pain forum with the help of some great people.

    I wound up taking 40mg Methadone 4 times a day and 45mg of Morphine Sulfate for "breakthrough pain". Even at that level I still felt the pain in the background all the time. If I took extra I would start sleep walking and fall down in some pretty awful ways.

    I detoxed myself and it almost killed me. I wound up with every minute being another adventure in pain. Even after 10 days in the hospital I was still so weak that I could only go from one place to another, to sit or lay down, with great willpower and horrible pain. Eat or sleep? forget about it. I was only sleeping a few hours every 48 hours or so and eating was an exersize in disgust.

    SOOOOO what happened????

    I went to a highly recommended acupuncturist!

    I did not have a lot of faith since I had tried some top chiropractors and they would try to adjust my thorasic and lower back, nothing would move, I would walk out in worse pain than I started with and hurt bad for a couple of weeks after every try.

    I have three areas of pain that were a constant 10 on the pain scale, my thoracic part of the back, three verts in my lower back and my knees which were keeping me from sleeping for days at a time. I have many other very painful parts, I was a crabber longliner in the North pacific for 25 years and broke or squashed every part I have, many parts multiple times.

    On the first visit she made 95% of the thoracic fade away, right at 100% of my lower back pain and over 70% of my knee pain. She even reduced the pain from my degraded hips over 70%

    After I went home and slept for the first time I could remember I woke up the next morning feeling even better and I went to work thinking the pain would come raging back as soon as I did anything. Did Not happen that way!!

    After a difficult shift I am still a little way over 75% overall pain reduction three days after the acupuncture.

    My lower back is still over 80%, my thoracic is still over 80% and my knees are hanging around 75% or so, at least till the next weather front rolls through. Thank goodness I live in the Florida Keys I can't imagine how some of you are handling the cold!!!

    I feel less pain than I have felt in over 10 years even with enough narcotics bring a horse to it's knees.

    I am still weak and have problems sleeping right and food still tasts kind of awful, that is due to almost dying and wasting off over 50 pounds of muscle and some fat while in the desperation of withdrawls and and arriving at the hospital in critical condition. I am 6'4" but that is still an awful physical blow to a 48 year old.

    The acupuncture is even helping that very noticibly.

    I got a natural, cold pressed, Multivitamin designed for my AB- blood type that is helping also. Forget the Centrum.....get the real stuff!!!

    I am absoutly sure that I will never take or be dependent on narcotics again to stop my pain, they did not work that well anyway.

    I hope this helps some of you, after 10 years of pain and drugs it instantly became the solution for me.

    Pax To All

    Old Man of The Sea
    Old Man of The Sea

    acupuncture works ok for some neuropathic pain, but becomes time consuming , plus pain comes back when you stop the treatments. if your insurance doesnt cover it , it can be pretty expensive too
    cauda equina


      There is a Chinese acupuncture doctor in our area with 25 years of experience. He told me up front that acupuncture helps some people a lot with neuropathic pain, and others not at all. He said it would take a number of sessions before we'd write it off as not working. Unfortunately it didn't work. I wouldn't have cared if my insurance didn't cover it, I'd have preferred it to be my pain cure. Beats being on pain drugs so long that you soon need to be on more drug to combat the symptoms from the damage the original drugs did. I figured I had enough problems and was hoping I would be one of the lucky ones that acupuncture would help.