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Skin Pain & Pins N Needles

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    Skin Pain & Pins N Needles

    Well I am now at 1.5 years and was hoping by now my pain would have gone or at least gotten better. Sad to say the skin pain around my line of injury is still pretty intense at times. Secondly, my heavy hard core pins and needles tingling feeling is aweful at times. Sometimes its almost gone completly, then "bam" it comes on and makes life very had to deal with. Im on Nurontin 2400 Plus MG's a day. Tramadol, baclofin for the spasms that are quite intense every mourning starting about 6-7 AM. The spasms quite down in the day to almost nothing... but night time, its pretty rough I have a tough time sleeping. After all this bitchin' pissin' and whining, I guess Im glad to be around. I am trying to find something to submerge my life into... I was an actor in hollywood for years, and made a couple of small films.. reall small. I would like to make a film someday. I am now writing a couple of scripts. I think they are quite good. Anyway , hope all of you with pain hang in there.. its a tough one! Mikey!

    Mike (Florida)

    Cant we get 1 do over?

    maybe ask your doc to increase the neurontin dose, the side effects i found stay about the same, if you take neurontin now 3x a day, see if you can take it 4x a day, i found that worked well for me when i was taking neurontin.
    going to 4 times a day, also remember not to take magnesium stuff within 2 hours of the neurontin dose

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      Mikey...Neurontin has a half-life of only about 6 hrs at most. I take 2400mg/day also but I take 600@4X/day. I was taking 800@3X/day and the 600's@4 times are much better. Also, they have upped the allowable daily to over 5,000 mg in special cases now. Check with your Doc and if you're not on a Pain Mgmnt Pgm, ask him to refer you to a Doc that can offer you that. I also take 20mg oxycontin twice a day and the pins/needles are almost comp[letely under control. Good luck.


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