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hyperextension and knee pain

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  • hyperextension and knee pain

    my right leg is weaker than the left and hyperextends a lot when i'm standing. subsequently it is very sore (though it's also hypersensitive) and i'm wondering if anyone has had a similar problem? any suggestions or remedies?

  • #2 bout one of those knee braces that you can lock to prevent NFL off. linemen wear?


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      good call. i'm also going to try an acl brace (same thing?).


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        Knee pain

        Sorry you have knee pain. I have both legs that hyperextend when I walk. I had to have an orthoscopic knee surgery last year because my knee hurt. I had a torn menescus. I know have to wear a brace from foot to upper thigh. Trying to strengthen my legs.


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          Hi buck,just wondering,do you also happen to have partial brown sequard syndrome or is this just a nerve loss thing?i am just wondering because i have BS syndrome and my knee does the same exact thing(went thru two knee surgeries last year).i also have RSD there so any bracing is just not tolerable at all.any 'banding' of an area on that leg is just way too painful to even try.but my loss of innervation there is indeed due to the BS syndrome.this is a very common thing to have with SCI espescially when your spinothalamic(the same tract that can trigger central pain syndrome?)has been affected from the just involves the loss to hot and cold sensations and 'outside in' type of pain sensation loss.Marcia