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Pain Coalition Seeks Relief Through Chronic Pain Treatment Act

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    Pain Coalition Seeks Relief Through Chronic Pain Treatment Act

    Citing the public health crises created by the revocation of the medical licenses and DEA certificates of physicians who treat chronic pain patients, Citizens For Pain Relief and the National Pain Patients Coalition (NPPC) are advocating for the passage of a Chronic Pain Treatment Act by the Governor and the Louisiana Legislature.

    "Thousands of Louisiana citizens are suffering needlessly from
    chronic pain because doctors are afraid to write the medications they need from fear of losing their livelihood," states Danny LeTard, President of Citizens For Pain Relief and the Louisiana Director of the National Pain Patients Coalition (NPPC). "This has resulted in loss of productivity, quality of life, and in some cases people choosing suicide over living in intolerable pain."

    "Many physicians have been wrongly disciplined by the Louisiana State Medical Board for appropriately treating chronic pain patients because of a DEA witch hunt of doctors who treat chronic pain," states Rev. Ronald V. Myers, Sr., MD, President of the American Pain Institute. "These physicians have lost their livelihood and thousands of their patients who suffer from chronic pain have no where to go for help."

    The Louisiana Chronic Pain Treatment Act will allow doctors who appropriately threat chronic pain patients to be protected from disciplinary action by the state medical board and protect the right of patients to receive proper pain management drug therapy.

    The Pain Rally & Press Conference will take place on Tuesday, October 28, 2003, on the East Side Steps of the State Capitol, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, at noon. For information contact Kay Hoyt at (985) 792-5151 or visit online.