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    I was wondering if anyone could answer my ques-
    tion. I have a C5 C6 spinal injury. My C6 spinal bone was crushed due to my accident. My
    neurosurgeon told me I have 3 small bone chips
    in my spinal cord. (The biggest chip is about the size of BB) I am in constant pain. They have given me Duregesic patch (100mg) Norco, Neurontin,Keppra, Valium and Ambien for sleep. I
    stop the patch and norco, the pain was still there except I was just too doped up to care. That's a state of mind of which I do not care to
    be in. I am considering having a second surgery to remove the chips in hopes that it may
    ease my pains. But I do not want to go under the knife again if nothing will become of it. My
    injury is 10.5 months old. Please help.

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    I don't know that anyone knows the answer to your question for certain, but there is the distinct chance that your pain is from damage already done to the nerve cells. If this is the case, then I don't know that removing the chips is going to make a difference.

    Has the pain been there ever since your injury or did it start a little later on? Can you describe the nature of the pain?


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      I think you definately need at least two opinions concerning the need for surgery.. have you had at least two? I really want to wait until Dr. Young returns home from his vacation to bump this question up to him. I remember hearing him in one of his talks, address something about a similar issue of pressure on the cord needing to be relieved.



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        I had a similar problem. The Doctors wanted to do a second operation after my first. All I had was left hand and some arm movement. I was told that I could regain more or loose what I had. Found out my wife was pregnant so I went ahead after about 1 month after first operation. I am not sure what they had done other than remove what was missed though today I recovered about 80% walking c4 c-5. Thanks to my Doctors, even if it was to make more $$$. Hope t his helps.



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          BeauAllen, I am sorry that I did not see your post here earlier. Bone chips can cause pain but there is no guarantee that removing them will help or that you do not have some other cause of the pain. Since the injury was at C6, the risk of functional loss associated with the surgery is significant. Most neurosurgeons are reluctant to take that risk.

          On the other hand, I think that you have exhausted most of the pharmacological treatments that are available and you risk being addicted. You may want to go for a second opinion but I suspect that you will probably get a diversity of opinions. However, it is useful to see what another neurosurgeon thinks. What you need is an experienced neurosurgeon that you trust.

          I have seen some people get better with removal of small bone chips.