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    There's no need to apologize, your right no tears or words can even begin to describe the pain it can be very maddening! I've been coming on here for a few years now hoping to read about some magic elixir someone has discovered to take way the pain ALL our sci brothers and sisters feel. Sadly most of what I see is thread after thread and post after post of missery going back ALOT of years.

    Papito 1 hit the nail on the head NMO we have NO support no advocate for us and until that happens we are going to continue to play pin the tail on the donkey in hopes that one day SOON someone finds something to help.

    In the meantime most of us myself included will continue too take a mixture of drugs even the same ones people have tried before us hoping maybe even praying we might be a little different.

    There are days (mostly nights) were I don't want to wake up in the morning. And even though the new year has just started I've already wondered on more than one occasion if I'll be able to make it through 2013. I pray I can because sure as shit if I didn't/don't then the next day they would come out with something for the pain.

    With all that said I hope everyone was able to find some relief today even if just a little.
    Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway. .(John Wayne)


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      In my pass i use to be reckless n i find my self humble after years of prison time. I sometimes feel like bringing awareness in a super big way that may cause me sacrafice for the cause in bring awareness. I thought of hang on a bridge with a big sign help us Dr and stop placing barriers on us all SCI knowing we cant unite due to barriers of all sorts. When i mean hang is not suicide! but equiptment. Not to sure just yet but i want to make big time news with just the intention to notice us SCI are in pain and are not being understood and treated like we have no issues such like extensive pain. Dont compare us to pill poppers. Where i live at they took the YMCA in wish i want to join out of boredom and no support group here in Canmden, nj...
      life begins when you walk in spirit


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        I wish I had the balls to make some kind of statement. Oh I lay in bed and think what about this or what about that to get someones attention. It's probably sour Grapes but if we were some overpriced politician more headway would have probably been made by now.
        Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway. .(John Wayne)


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          I realize this was an old thread , but what good info for a newbe like me. I'm on oxydone ER 40 mg 3x day. I also had a problem with each pill lasting 12 hours. For me it was more like 6 hrs max. I'm in Germany right now and my pain doc is very supportive. I saw on the internet an article about a lidocain protocol and brought it to his attention. He agreed to give it a try and I've had 2 infusions so far. I'm happy with the results as I rarely have to take any BT pills now. The effects only last for 3 weeks though. I'm hoping that the longer I get this I'm hoping the longer the effect will last. I'm also very concerned with overdosing on these meds. How much is needed for that? I'm taking 120mg a day and sometimes like a glass of wine in the evening. Is that dangerous? This med does make me very tired at where I just can't keep my eyes open and have to sleep. When I ask my doc he said I'm fine, my levels are low.....really?
          I'm so glad I've found all of you.