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    Chest pain

    My wife has a C4/C5 injury leaving her a Tetraplegic, she had just passed 9 weeks in hospital at which point she was given her first session on a tilting table. Up to this point great progress was being made. After this first session she began to experience an extremely tight chest to the point where she found it difficult to breath. This happened twice that day until she was put back to bed in extreme discomfort.

    Since that day (6 days ago) she is still experiencing a tight chest (described as a band wrapped around her chest, front and back) and more concerning is that any slight noise sends a 'shock' through her spine resulting in spasms and an increase in the chest discomfort.

    Tests have been done, blood, urine, blood pressure, chest x-rays but nothing has been diagnosed.

    She is very concerned that this could be an on going condition which is obviously depressing her and that the doctors are not providing any answers. I would have thought that this type of situation would have been dealt with before. Has it?


    I'm going to copy this to the Care Forum so the nurses will see it.

    BTW, I've had chest pain at times that was attributed to anxiety. Don't know if it could be part of what your wife is experiencing.

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      From what I understand she is experiencing chest pain even not going on the tilting table anymore? Because it could have been easier to explain it while on the table. What need to be clear is if this "belt" she is feeling has anything to do with muscles (spasms) contracting in this area, if not, and if your concern is about a cardiac origin, it would be very easy to give her some nitrospray (under the advice of her physician obviously) and see if it brings her any relief. But even then you have to be aware that even people without a cardiac condition can get relief from nitro even if the origin is stress, anxiety or even spasms of the oesophagus. Did she have an ECG? When it happens, how long does it last? Is it really distressing or just a mild feeling?

      Anyway, don't let doctors have it too easy by saying it's just stress (even though it could be it) since I find it suspicious that it is happening since you went through this new tilting program. It could be just a coincidence but...

      JGNI, pharmacist
      Pharmacist, C4-5 injury but functional C6 (no triceps/flexors)