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    Its been a while since I posted on this subject.
    I found a Doctor thats wants to give me a class 2 drug,and you know what that means!I tryed many times to ask her just to put me on Vicoprofen 1 every 4-6 hrs,but she looks right through me like im stupid.This Doctor wants me to take 1 oxycodone 40mg every 8 hrs..She gave me a script for a month and sent me on my way.
    I my be stuck in a wc,I my be parilized but This is a stronge drug and I wont take it!!
    My mom is a shrink and I was explaining my problem to her and she said to wait like 3 or 4 days,call the Doctor back and tell her that they are to stronge and to change my meds Right,Wrong!Stay on the meds every 8 hrs like I told you!On top of that they want to give me a nerve block.Now what is that and is it safe for someone like me/SCI.I ask the nurse if you all ever treated a SCI person before?She could`nt recall!I`m believe that living in pain is something Im going to deal with the rest of my life no matter if I have pain meds or Not!
    Thx for listening....God Bless Stiggy
    "The Meaning of things lies not in things themselves,but in our attitude towards them"


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      It started around 2:00am,Its now 5:40am and I havnt made a sound in over 15 min,my pain level was out of control,While I was in the middle of screaming at times I was thinking of a little boy who lost his arms in the Iraqi war.Trying to find my way in what I`m seeing are my last days.Im going to make some coffee now,my pain level is down somewhat,at least im not screaming...God Speed
      "The Meaning of things lies not in things themselves,but in our attitude towards them"
      "The Meaning of things lies not in things themselves,but in our attitude towards them"


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        Oh, Stiggy, I don't know what to say. Just hang on, please.
        Does This Wheelchair Make My Ass Look Fat?


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          I hear you, Stiggy! I've been at a 9-10 for about a yr. I had a tumor taken out of my spinal cord 5 yrs ago and it's been steadily increasing "pain" since then. I don't think "pain" is an appropriate description anymore-torture is more like it. Burning, cutting, crushing from waist to feet. I will tell you that I sleep like a baby at night with 25mg Elavil (amitriptyline) and 1mg Klonopin (clonazepam.) I never sleep during the day, but I spend quite a lot of time lying down-sitting is tortuous, but I find comfort knowing this is the place I can type out my feelings and maybe help some others, too. I take Neurontin and baclofen, too. But a good night's sleep is sooooooooo important to the human body in so many ways.

          I have tried opiates and they don't help. Well, methadone helped a little because it made me so hyper I did more despite the pain and ended up paying for it with musculoskeletal issues! Spinal cord stimulation was no help because I have such a wide area of pain-for instance,it's better for pain in one leg rather than two.

          I will admit I sometimes wouldn't mind peacefully leaving this earth in my sleep. But I also have a strong desire to live and there are people in my life who would certainly miss me, to say the least. I feel alone so many times because I can't participate in many activities that require sitting up. I use the telephone for company and keep searching for any kind of research going on for our type of pain. It is that research that keeps my hope alive for a better quality of life.

          I can't sit up anymore-I mainly wanted to say I hear you and I understand your cries in the night. Perhaps it would help if you speak to your doctor about some kind of sleep med-the Neurontin, Klonopin and Elavil help me. *That's just me*-talk to your dr. about something for sleep. My .02 worth-keep the caffeine to a minimum. I have found it can keep me awake at night if I have any after 2pm.


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            Boy that's tough! My sympathies. Have you tried Ultram?


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              I hit 10 years ago, and kept on going. Back and abdomen are the worst. The giant burning gut cramp, the compound-fractured shoulder blades, all the scraped off skin (feeling) everywhere... It does indeed suck. Torture is a good word. Can't sit, lay, or breathe comfortably.

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              Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.


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                I here you all it happens to me 2 or 3 nights a week and then ghetting up and going to work the next day is the hardest the night before last I had to take baclofenelavil and motrin and I was comitosed the next day the pain sucks


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                  I wonder what my neighbors thought when they heard me screaming from the pain it gets so bad. I scream,and cuss when the pain gets so bad .I thought I was in this pain thing all alone ,and now I know Im not the only I wouldnt wish this pain on my worst enemy


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                    Sorry for dumping on everyone..I think it might be best to retire Stiggy.I don`t take well to pain and bad pain at that.You all take care and I`ll find my way back someday.God Speed

                    "The Meaning of things lies not in things themselves,but in our attitude towards them"

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                    "The Meaning of things lies not in things themselves,but in our attitude towards them"


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                      My friends,

                      Chronic and unyielding pain wears a person down. Physiologically the body does not respond well over time. After long enough the body's ability to deflect and compensate wears down. The spirit wears down too, somehow at least we must find our ways to bolster our spirits....Stiggy my dear friend I know the feeling of doubting the faith inside yourself. I also know the reality of screaming out loud "I'm just so tired!!!" It is a, it is a CYCLONE, one that sometimes just whips us to rawness...

                      Alan I know you feel it too...and others...sometimes withdrawing inward is a good way to rest and regroup to face another day...sometimes we need to reach out...whatever you need....please express what you feel like here...please let us at least say....the least..that we care...I know I care about all of you.


                      Stiggy sorry to hear about the butt thing.....ughhhh.... [img]/forum/images/smilies/frown.gif[/img]


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                        "The Meaning of things lies not in things themselves,but in our attitude towards them"