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How I spent my day in Miami

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    How I spent my day in Miami

    I am sure anyone who has been to Jackson Memorial Hospital at the Univ. of Miami knows the drill.

    I arrive at 8:00 am for my 9:30 appt. for a Myelogram. After several paper work/ blood work/etc. problems we get started at 11:30.

    Met with my Neurologist at 3:30, 2 hours later we were done . After looking for the Myelogram report and several other things we got all our answers to our questions.

    This means, we got no answers of any help. What we do know is everything it isn't! we've ruled out all possible thorasic problems, which lead us back to the possibility of a tethered cord syndrome. (Which we had ruled out earlier)

    Anyway the hole in my spine where they injected the dye did not close up and on the drive home I started to get a headache.
    A day and 1/2 later I had a blood patch procedure at the local hospital. That was Friday.

    Even though I received 80% relief at the time of the procedure, now it's Sunday and I still have a mild headache and it seems a little better each day. I plan to call my doctor in the morning to see if this is normal. However if you David or Dr. Young read this I would like any input about the blood patch procedure and how long the mild headache should last while the spinal cord fluid replaces itself??

    Thanks for having a place to ask , and unload [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

    Craig, how long did they have you stay prone (lying down) after the myelogram? When I had one shortly after my accident, and they said I had to stay prone for 24 hours because there was a risk of severe headaches and seizures. It seems pretty scary tht you were on the ride home and started getting a severe headache.


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      I was only prone for about 2 hours Scorpian , obviously not long enough.

      I had my second blood patch yesterday (9/18)and I think it worked. Headache is gone but I feel trashed...