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Nerve pain worsening - question about potential medications

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    Nerve pain worsening - question about potential medications

    I'm C5 complete, 14 years post injury, nine months post spinal cord detethering surgery. Since the detethering surgery, I've developed nerve pain on the left side of my body that feels like my skin has third-degree burns. I'm taking gabapentin 600mg X 4 daily that takes the edge off of it at best. It's losing its effect and I'm looking for input on where to go from here. I've heard of using Lyrica alone or in combination with gabapentin. I've also heard mention Tegretol, Elavil, Neurontin, and Effexor. Is it just a "try one and see if it works" process?



    Hi Dan, I'm C5/6 incomplete, 27 yrs. Soon after my injury began having burning pain in butt and the back of my legs. When bad, feels like sitting on a grill. I was put on Elavil early on and it really makes the pain manageable. 20mg at night, 20 in morning.