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Still experiencing chronic abdominal pain

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    Still experiencing chronic abdominal pain

    I have been suffering from the worst chronic pain in the abdomen that you could ever imagine. I went into the hospital three times and x-rays showed I was constipated quite badly. I was also carrying a lot of gas. So, for the last few months I have been taking Laxido up to 4 times a day and it's paid off. Bowel movements have slowly got better and now I am producing very large amounts most times I have my bowel regime done. Also, my stomach which has always been quite big has really shrunk down. Having said that, the pain has increased tenfold. I have been to see a gastro doctor and I am down on the list to have a CT scan. I'm also hoping to have a stoma fitted at some stage. However, in the meantime, I need to get this pain sorted out because it's so bad I can't sleep most nights. Could it be anything to do with me clearing out the: which was obviously compacted for many years? I was wondering whether the colon was so used to being for that now it's been cleared it's complaining. The pain isn't always in the same place in the abdomen. Sometimes it feels like somebody has pumped me full of water which is moving around causing lots of pressure inside me. The worst time is the sharp pain, that's unbearable. I know I'm on the list to have a CT scan but that could be several weeks away and each day and night just brings more pain. I can't remember what it's like not to be in pain

    About a year ago I had abdominal pain for months and months and months. Not as bad as yours. Just severe bloating and uncomfortable fullness. I also has x rays which showed nothing abnormal. Did you have a colonoscopy or endoscopy? I had both. And neither showed any significant issues. Only minor stomach irritation. Eventually the pain and bloating ended...after nearly a year. And I never got a definitive answer as to what caused it. If I had to guess...I think I may have taken too many ibuprofen on one occasion which resulted in a stomach ulcer. If you haven't had them done, I'd schedule the scopes to rule out anything serious and see what your stomach lining looks like.


      Hi Penn

      Did you manage get your CT scan in the end?

      I had a couple of thoughts regarding your bowel pain. Did the constipated bowel not over distend, but when it distends with gas, the gas over distends the bowel in short sections (poop locked). Or could it be empty bowel is spasming with nothing to do.

      I am plagued with the same type of bowel pain from gas. I have a colostomy, sited around the end of transverse colon, which requires Laxido to keep the stool loose or constipation takes over, and causes additional flank pain - everything manifests in more pain.

      One thing I would say with problematic bowels and stoma siting it’s important to establish at what point along the colon, it isn’t functioning correctly (becomes sluggish). Something like a stool transit study will give you something to work with.

      I may be worth reading the SIBO posts on here and online in general and it has similar symptoms.


        Penn, did you ever find out what was causing all your pain? Or find solutions to manage it? For years I’ve suffered with abdominal pain, bloating, gas - it messes with my blood pressure as well. And either it’s extremely high because of the pain or in passing out fainting, because it probably pressing on my vagal nerve. But worst of all is the sweating.


          I have recently been experiencing intense nerve pain that I believe to be related to excess gas and constipation, although I have regular bowel movements. It’s very frustrating and depressing!


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            Keep a food diary and see if you can associate the gas with distention and pain over the next 3 days. Try to eliminate gas forming foods (beans, cabbage, brussel sprouts, etc.) and see if it doesn't improve. You can also try takiing Beano (over-the-counter) with meals. Some people get relief from medicinal charcoal capsules.

            It may just be that you have neuropathic visceral pain. Have you tried meds like gabapentin or seen a pain specialist physician?


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            I've had stomach pain for 25 years now. Some days are better than others. I take Gabapentin 1800 mg a day. I'm not sure if it still helps much to be honest. I have bloating and tightness and sometimes sharp pain. I've tried Senokot lately to empty out more. I did but the pain was actually worse. I tried every gas relief medication too. I did test positive for SIBO and took the recommended antibiotics. I looked less bloated but the pain didn't really change. I can't find a solution. I ended up seeing a psychiatrist to help cope with the pain. After doing all that, I just left it to neuropathic pain. I hope you feel better soon though!