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Why do some SCI patients have no neuropathic pain ?

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    Why do some SCI patients have no neuropathic pain ?

    Mine is a very incomplete L4/L5 .38 cal. gunshot SCI in 1976. So, the frayed/partially working/etc. nerves send out ungated (bad) neuropathic pain - but it's the low interval, short burst, super-high amplitude type ie. breakthu pain doesn't occur (w/ some intermittent daily lower intensity zaps) but about once a month, but horrific.

    Just curious why it appears some paraplegics and others do not have any SCI/neuropatic pain (specifically). Or am I incorrect ?
    '76 L4 GSW incomplete
    (cauda equina)

    I'd bet incompletes are more prone to neuropathic pain. Certainly you can have it as a complete as well, but I think it's less likely. Basically if your spinal cord got cleanly chopped off and there was essentially nowhere for the nerves to try and regrow (my case) you might not have any.

    If the spinal cord is just injured and you have some partial function, those damaged nerve fibers can freak out and send bizarre signals to the brain and then the brain gets confused and interprets that as you're being stabbed or on fire or whatever.


      I had terrible neuropathic pain in hospital which by the time I left had gone.


        I am fairly incomplete with the ability to ambulate to a certain degree. I do not have any neuropathic pain (knock on wood)...

        When I first got hurt, anything touching me would bother me or 'hurt' me. Literally somebody touching my arm gently would cause pain. Or a sheet brushing against me. Also any loud noise would shock my entire system to the point where I would jump.

        But that all went away within a month or two and I've never had any type of burning sensation or painful sensation anywhere in my body. I'm always relatively uncomfortable. Ankles bothering me, back hurting, stuff like that. But nothing that I have ever read that describes neuropathic pain.


          I don't have what I consider "pain" - consider it a nuisance more then "pain" - but I have a continuous electronic impulses up n down my legs - a constant burning sensation in my crotch - and what used to feel like a corset around my body has now turned into what feels like a boulder pressing on my gut -

          I also used to be an avid reader - but can no longer focus to finish a book