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Hip osteoarthritis

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    Hip osteoarthritis

    HI everyone!

    Im t10 complete and i have no sensation/movements below my injury. I'm only 23 and i'm suffering from bad arthritis. One year ago I got arthritis. At first it was small arthritis and I didn't have any symptoms. Now my arthritis got so much worst and nobody know why. I got steroid injection to reduce pain but it didn't help me and I have a lot of pain in my hip. Also i have weird snapping sensation every time when I'm stretching, banding forward, transferring and etc. My doctor said that my treatment option is to get complete hip replacement and also he said that I should avoid hip replacement because its gonna lead to very often hip dislocation.

    Have anyone had the same problem ? Have anyone with complete sci had hip replacement ? What should i expect after hip replacement ? Does your hip gonna pop out of socket that easily and that often ?

    I have hip pain and arthritis. My chiropractor has been a big help.