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Pain associated with movement (spasms or being moved)

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  • Cris
    Every once in a while for a fraction of a second would get incredible shooting pain like a needle being pulled from inside my eyeball out.

    If it lasted more than that fraction of a second can't imagine it, worse than the cannons going off in my head, with AD blood-pressure of 300/160. Only difference noticed, because of its infrequency, is slightly less sharp, and longer. Were still talking less than a second of the shooting pain.

    Never had any idea how to figure it out, good luck.

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  • Pain associated with movement (spasms or being moved)

    I am experiencing a weird, brief pain when my body gets moved.

    Being a C1-2 complete, most of my pain registers as autonomic dysreflexia. But what has been happening recently is weird, and unusual for me.

    Pretty much every time someone moves my body, or I spasm, I get a shooting headache that only lasts for about a second or two. It is an instant, intense headache, but it goes away super quickly (thank the Lord!).

    Interestingly, if we are doing range of motion, the pain comes with the initial limb movement, but then it quickly subsides and I don't hardly experience it during the rest of the stretching exercises.

    Because it comes on so fast, and goes away so fast, we have not tried to capture the "headache spike" with a blood pressure reading, but a few minutes after one such spike, I was 89/49 which is essentially my normal (if I don't have midodrine in my system).

    I experienced something similar when we went from intermittent cathing to a Foley catheter, and I think the large balloon was irritating my bladder and causing bladder spasms, in addition to similar headaches (but they lasted longer). We previously resolved that by using a smaller balloon, and taking oxybutynin (per my urologist).

    After having the Foley for a while, I was able to wean off the oxybutynin. But since this started happening several days ago, I resumed taking the maximum dose. But so far, it has not been effective at resolving these issues.

    There are no obvious issues with my skin, or anything we can identify as the likely cause.

    I still think/hope it is bladder related (spasms) and the oxybutynin will begin resolving it soon. That's the easiest fix that I know of.

    Do you have thoughts on what it might be? Thanks.
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