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How do you know that you are getting a uti?

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    How do you know that you are getting a uti?

    I have only had 4 or 5 uti’s in the last decade, but every time I didn’t clue in until I was about to die and went to the ER. I am iust wondering if there are other symptoms to look out for . I should mention that my urine is always colonized with bacteria, usually e-coil, so it’s rarely clear and always smells bad, but my immune system usually manages to keep it in check, just in case that’s not normal for everyone.

    I think the answer to this is at least in part very individualized, so I’ll speak only for myself.

    First sign is usually more sediment than usual in the urine. That is usually accompanied by lower volumes than usual before leakage. Smell is hit or miss, it can be an indication, but just as likely it doesn’t mean anything if it smells a bit off. Still if all of these are present I’ll probably just double up on the maintenance nitrofurantoin I take from once a day to twice a day for a while, drink more water and see if it clears up.

    Fever and chills are a sign that it’s out of hand. Back when I used to get more infections I’d often try to ignore this until it got really bad and I’d get nauseous and lightheaded (I assume because my blood pressure was low). One time I even got properly delirious and was pretty darn confused. Couldn’t even drive myself to the ER that time I had to call an ambulance.